Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Come Shopping with Me!

Saturday, September 27 from 1-8, Beth and The Vintage Society will be showcasing and selling modified vintage treasures at siteLA. Goodies range from the chic and thrifty to once-in-a-lifetime finds.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008

Many Happy Summers

Took a little jaunt up to the lake where I spent many happy summers. It was trips down memory lane and good southern hospitality.

(Leather Vest - thrifted, Tank - Rogan for Target, Sandals - Target, the current staple of pearls)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Simple Southern Girl

A Southern girl who misses the spanish moss that drips and drapes on numerous oak trees that sprawl over green grass, who misses the lush countryside, who misses the farm land, the good southern soul food and the "weird looks" I receive wherever I go dressed the way I dress.

Today I am just a simple southern girl in a little cream eyelet dress with my straw hat toppin' my head - reconnecting with the spanish moss and lush green farmlands.

(Dress - Jovovich Hawk for Target, Shoes and Belt - thrifted, Hat - Ebay)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

On a little Island

Postcards coming from a little island in South Carolina..

In the deep South

(Shirt - some shop in Park City, Shorts and Belt - thrifted, Shoes - Steve Madden)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Travel Onward!

Well it’s that time of year again, time to jump on a jet plane and head out for adventures – a trip to the South and then a jaunt up to Boston.

I love this time of year, summer vacations and explorations – and of course an excuse to compile an all-new traveling trousseau. Gone are the days when women would spend hours and days at the local seamstress as she prepared for her summer’s abroad, but I like to think I arrange my suitcases with the same care they packed their trunks.

As I head out for my excursion, I don’t plan on leaving all you Society Girl’s behind. I plan on taking you on the fashion side of my travels.

Fashion Postcards will be arriving on a daily basis.. so keep checking the mail!

A red eye flight meant comfort and ease!


(Racer-back Tank – Quiksilver Women’s, Jeans – H&M, Belt –thrifted, Roman Sandals – Urban Outfitters)

Going to the Office the Society Girl Way

Sometimes girl’s got to put on a pencil skirt and head to the office. There is something about the office that deters most from dressing their best and being their stylish self. The corporate world is filled with black, black and maybe a little white – but I say don’t shy away from your inner Society Girl. Embrace the opportunity to dress it up and step up the chic factor.

If your office is a little more conservative keep one or two pieces on the down low, but add interesting elements with stand out accessories or a dramatic skirt, jacket or shoes. Do it the Society Girl way..

Office Attire
(Shirt – Ann Taylor, Skirt – thrifted, Belt – Cumber bun thrifted, Shoes – Modern Vintage)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Society Girl of the Week: Michelle

She transforms from hippie-chic to nerdy-chic, she has great accessories that make each look stand out. Her choice of shoes are incredible and covet-worthy.

Five things she's always wanted to do:

1. Go to Europe and a real African safari
2. Wear all the Margiela and Commes des Garcons I want
3. Learn how to cook
4. Own a small, quirky boutique
5. Become a famous dermatologist (Dr. Lisa Airan is my idol!)

She is our Society Girl of the Week...

Michelle, of Chic Clinic

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Pearl Girl

Inspired by the most recent Instant Outfit, I took it upon myself to create a look combining “Stripes and Florals”. My look came out a bit boho-chic, which I seem to find myself drawn to often these days.

My new signature element is a string of pearls that has been collecting dust in the jewelry case - but Carrie Bradshaw brought the “pearl-girl” back out in me.

Society Swap

The Society Swap was a grand success - girls came with what they considered trash and left with new treasures!

Swapping clothes is seriously the most fun thing possible. I dumped out three trash bags full of clothes that - I didn’t wear, didn’t fit, or were just not my style anymore - I returned with a dress I had coveted from H&M a few years back, a cute eyelet skirt and two funky new t-shirts for summer.

There will be more swaps to come with much more notice.. so start storing your “trash” so that you can trade for some treasure!