Tuesday, January 08, 2008


We are approaching the spring season and the change of clothes, but before we crossover and out of our faux fur and into fabulous florals - lets focus on those fall/winter must-haves - JODHPURS!

I have yet to find a pair reasonably priced, and I have yet to see if they actually look good on me.. but they do look enticing. If you happen to live near a Top Shop (oh.. I only wish!) then you can score these for only 32 Pounds (or $64 US Dollars).

If you are one of the blessed to look like a rock star in these, here are two looks to take for a ride:

For a dinner date dress up your jodhpurs with faux fur, sky high black ankle boots, and a sleek clutch.

For a day at the market dress down your jodhpurs with a vintage t-shirt, patterned pashmina, a slouchy sweater coat, and high top converse.

Oh... and for both looks don't forget to add a little drama with your shades.


Poster Girl said...

I wish we could find these in so. California. I know that the Gap did them in Europe...who knows, maybe the trend will drift to the U.S. in the near future.

whimsical nerd said...

jodhpurs make me so nervous, they are the clothing equivalent of handing my hips a megaphone. But these outfits look great for those lucky ones who can pull them off. :)

Anonymous said...

I live in SoCal and found them at Zara. It was several months ago so they are prob. long gone.

Anonymous said...

I found a pair at H&M today for less than $20.00 Canadian! Yippeeee

Anonymous said...

Fabulous to find jodhpur people online. I adore them. My problem is shoes etc to wear with them.

I bought two pairs of Easton Pearson velvet jodhpurs on Ebay and a gorgeous summer pair from Karen Walker. Problem is they open at the front. Summer is easy but winter? Not sure what to wear with them.

Any ideas??

The Vintage Society said...

You could go the Balenciaga route and wear the jodhpurs with a fitted shirt and blazer.

Or try these two options in the photos. One with a cool faux fur coat or fitted t-shirt and slouchy sweater coat.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vintage Society

Thanks, but it is shoes to go with the velvel jodhpurs that are the problem. Boots don't work with the opening at the front. They have studs which don't do up.

Ballet flats are one option but a bit cool in winter.

chicandstylish said...

The best place to find jodphurs is online at an equestrian shop. They may not be as stylish as some, but you could find a pair in basic black.

The Vintage Society said...

Thanks for the suggestion, chic and stylish!