Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall Dreams

Though it's 80 degrees in California, at The Vintage Society it is 40 degrees! We are over here creating the Fall photoshoot and pretending that we need many layers, wooly socks, and fur vests.

The models are being fitted and prepped and will soon be hitting the photoshoot location. I am excited to let you, society girl's, in on more than just the photos, we will be posting an exclusive behind the scenes video as well.

So if you are in a place where it feels more like a beautiful spring day rather than a crisp fall day, I hope that we can spread some Fall love your way!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Bright and Happy Little French Girl

On a gloomy Friday morning, this girl woke up and thought, "What a perfect day to wear bright colors!" And that's what I did. I ran around all day feeling "oh-so-cheery" in my punchy pink and green.

Then to top off this lovely day... my hubby surprised me with a rendezvous at a quaint little french restaurant. I had to dress the part. "Au Revoir!"

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I can't help it... I'm bursting with excitement! The images are flying off the set and onto the Internet. People can't get enough, we want to see more, we are dying to see more.

What am I referring to? Oh, just my ever growing "gonna-be-my-style-icon-forever" love of our Society Girl of the Week (two times running, and I don't think this is the end of her taking this title)....

Carrie Bradshaw!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Big, Bulky Lunch Boxes

Fall means all things wonderful - coats, scarves, tights, cups of warm coffee, football games, and BACK TO SCHOOL.

As I've watched kids loading the big yellow bus, it got me thinking about my old school days. Though learning facts and figures was important, I would have say it was the friendships that mattered the most.

You can't beat those days - the early years, swapping food over your big, bulky lunches boxes, high school moments spent cheering on your team at the homecoming football game, or late night donut runs in college when you should be cramming for the midterm exam.

So, with all these warm, fuzzy thoughts I was motivated to bring this to life in THE VINTAGE SOCIETY's Fall Photoshoot. Here are just a few photos that inspired the upcoming shoot.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Femme Magazine!

Thanks to Hedviga over at the Estonian female magazine FEMME! She recently interviewed me for this article focusing on the blog, my store, my love of vintage clothes and fashion in general. The article looks great!

Prancing Down the Runways and Into Your Closet

I love it! I love when I see a beautiful designer dress, like this one from Phillip Lim and then think, “Wait a minute! I have a vintage dress, worn earlier this summer, that has similar style.”

It is a perfect example of what "The Vintage Society" will offer. Vintage dresses that are reflective of ones prancing down the runways and showing up in all the magazines - but are then purchased by you (via the store or the online shop) and styled in your own personal way and hung up in your closet!

Over these next few months I will be letting you in on some very big details that have to do with the store. There has been some exciting developments, but I can't reveal the inside scoop until I know everything is pretty much settled.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for the latest Vintage Society Fashion Shoot. The fall shoot is scheduled for this weekend and I will be keeping you informed through the whole process. So stay tuned.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


As I mentioned earlier, I love looking through the streetsyle shots from New York Fashion Week. One thing I noticed was there were certain ones who were photographed by multiple streetstyle photographers. Over and over, on different sites their photos would pop up, with different background, but the same person being recognized for their individual style.

One woman, in particular, caught my eye. I soon discovered this amazing woman has a blog and on that blog I found heaps of INSPIRATION. She is the opitome of inspiration! And of course, someone this inspiring deserves to be The Society Girl of the Week. Normally I would now display a few photos of her and I will.. but I had to know more. Who she was, did she work in the fashion industry, where does she look for inspiration, and how did she find herself at New York Fashion Week..... so I sent her a little email and low and behold she wrote back. So, without further ado I present our Society Girl of the Week... Mauri..

What do I do for a living?

I work for Steven Alan as a merchandiser and sales associate. And then freelance styling and shooting lookbooks and editorials for independent designers.

What are my main inspirations...?

Old movies, characters in books. I often find whatever I'm reading at the time or have recently watched subconsciously influences me. My outfit for the day always stems from some sort of character, clearly one that I identify with and is a part of who I am. I have fun dressing up for the theater of life.

How would you describe your style?

It's very playful and bright. I like to mix classic bodies and shapes (generally clothing with structure) with more modern fabrics and prints. I love setting off really cool urban pieces by indie designers with classic vintage accessories or visa versa. High low, but not hipster.

Fashion week?

I scored entry through Coutorture Media. I'm a blogger of theirs and contributor, and they hired me on to do PA work for the shows.

Why I started my blog?

I was working full time as a professional dancer (modern not pole:)) and I just loved clothes and shopping and I needed an outlet. It was totally the case of my hobby became my job and now I need a new hobby, so what else do i love? fashion! Several of my friends are legitimate writers and well regarded bloggers, so I was hesitant at first, but decided to just go for it. I loved the anonymity and I got to dish about clothes.

Her style is so distinctive that The Sartorialist has photographed her twice.

Here are some more from her blog Fashion Weakley

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Be Your Own Icon

New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, the Fashionista Diaries, Vogue, Teen Vogue, etc., etc., etc. These all have one thing in common – Designer Clothes! And how much do we all love designer clothing – probably a lot. And how many of us can afford to buy designer clothing on a consistent basis – probably a few. Don’t get me wrong, designer clothing is amazing. It is inspirational, sensational, and fabulous… but it is something that I really don’t see myself ever able to afford on a day to day basis. For those out there who can – way to go!

I have noticed.. in the designer relm (i.e. magazines, fashion weeks, certain street style blogs) that there is an emphasis on wearing designer duds, that it elevates you to a different status. And though it may elevate you to a status that costs much more than the others, I disagree that it makes you more of a “fashion-icon”.

There are so many ways to be fashion forward, and I happen to choose vintage. I don’t think that vintage or designer is better – I just know that vintage (not vintage-designer) is often WAY less expensive and I don’t think that this that is taking a step down.

Case in point:

These are vintage high-waisted “very-in” jeans- sold by the wonderful ebay seller THEOLIVESHOPPE:

They were purchased by a lucky girl for $87.00.

These are high-waisted “very-in” jeans sold by my favorite desigers Jovovich Hawk:

They can be purchased for $276.00

One is not better than the other and I am not ranting against designer clothes because I am a vintage fan, but just I am just saying that I don’t think it should be a factor if you wear one or the other.

Just do what you can to be your own “STYLE ICON”.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Recap: What Inspires?

I am so ready for fall its making me crazy, and by crazy I mean.. wearing wooly, layered clothes when the temperature reads a beautiful 75 degrees. Oh well, a girl can dream, can't she?

My family was in town from South Carolina this weekend and that always means lots of adventures around the city. Taking the "out-of-towners" - on the town, which I love!

Oh... and Friday I received a package in the mail that I had been anticipating - my new shoes from Steve Madden! I have been on the hunt for some brown chunky sandals and finally found the perfect pair for the perfect price. So, I had to take them for a spin with this pink flowing muu muu. The outfit was a combination of two inspirations - Carrie Bradshaw in season 5 (when Sarah Jessica Parker was pregnant and they were putting tons of fabric on her to cover the bump) and a photo from The Sartorialist on in the Fall '07 Fashion Week archives.

Saturday began my second week of Sewing Class, in which I complain about getting up early for , but am always happy I made the effort. I'm learning - "a stitch in time, saves nine". After one night of wearing the new shoes I wasn't satified with just one wear - I had to take them out again - and this time in my outfit inspired by Farrah Fawcett from "Charlie's Angels".

Sunday was my big push for the fall season to begin.. thinking maybe my layers and wooly socks would will the cold weather. The day didn't look like it would go my way, but luckily we headed up the mountain to the Griffith Observatory where there was a nice brisk breeze! So my "outdoor-ranger" look inpsired by a spread in Teen Vogue was just right.

Friday, September 14, 2007


New York Fashion Week has come to a close. I spent every day scouring the new runway trends and staying up on what Spring 2008 looks like. The looks that come down each runway are incredible and inspiring, but I find the streetstyle in some ways MORE exciting.

Street Style captures real women (or men) who are completely different - their tastes, their shape, their life, their passions - who they are is not identical to anyone around them. That's what makes individual style so amazing. Though you could have an indistinguishable dress on two women, each person who wears it gives it a distinctive twist.

So with that in mind I selected my TOP TEN favorite looks from New York Fashion Week, courtesy of the incredible women on the streets!

Yes, this is the stylist Rachel Zoe - I have to say I love her bohemian-vintage dress!

This look reminds me of something my friend Sara (Society Challenges)would wear. Ultra feminine dress paired with slouchy sneakers.

This girl to me is what it is all about. Great dress, funky hair, and wild accessories.

I could be wrong but this looks like the same girl in the last photo with the same tastes - just done with a completely different outfit.

Love this whole look! The shapes and cuts.

The long menswear shirt made to look feminine with the skirt and adding some fall influences with knee-high socks.

This girl is vintage goodness and works for Nylon Tokyo!

What can I say.... a great headpiece, the tank, the high-waisted pants and that great striped sweater. Ohhhhmyyyyy!

Seriously, I thought dressing up for work was limiting but this girl proves that you can rock the "office look" in some amazing ways.

This look is just fabulous jutxtaposition!

Photo Credits: Altamira NYC, The Sartorialist by

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Wardrobe_Remix, Wardrobe_Remix, Wardrobe_Remix.... Hip Hip Hooray! The best fashion group ever! Always new people joining with new inspirations for everyone. I don't get the chance to look through the pool every day, but when I do I seem to find someone new that takes my breath away.

This week I was so inspired by this fabulous girl from Tampere, Finland. Her style involves everything I love - great accessories (tights, hats, bags), a mix of vintage finds, and brand names like H&M. So check out our SOCIETY GIRL OF THE WEEK....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Time to Gush!

Up until this point, I haven't written much about the new Spring '08 lines. Not that they haven't been intriguing and beautiful - just haven't had the chance. But, after seeing Zac Posen's showing I had to stop and gush about his "Prairiesque" parade he sent down the runway.

This first look made me crazy - dramatic sleeves and the high-waisted pants! I love the classic black and white - but with a not-so-classic twist.

This white dress seems so perfect for a beautiful spring day - I can't wait to find some vintage versions of this one.

LOVE absolutely everything about this entire look. It is all about the extras. The details on the shirt, the high-waisted shorts, the bag, the shoes - and THE HAT!

Again, just beautiful!

Now this one for me would be a dream come true. If only I were a famous actress gracing the red carpet at the OSCARS. This is without question the dress that I would be photographed in. YELLOW sums it up for me.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Recap: Summer Fades

This weekend was one of excitement. For one thing, I started my first sewing class at a local university. I know the basics of sewing, but I am trying to become more versatile. A test of comittment was waking up early on Saturday morning and heading out to class, but I made it on time - let the learning begin!

I wore my new grey jersey dress (Crossroads Trading Post), layered with a jumper that I reconstructed earlier, a ruffled lightweight vest (H&M) and some comfy flats (Urban Outfitters).

The evening was one to celebrate a housewarming for my brother and his new wife. The last few days of summer are starting to fade and before the knits and coats come out, I wanted to wear this floral summer dress.

I liked mixing the dress (recently thrifted) with a vintage slip underneath and two braids pinned to my head. One last touch was throwing this vintage hair comb into the braids.

Finally on Sunday, in which I often experience the work week blues, my hubby and I caught up over dinner at my new favorite restaurant - Z'Tejas.

Again feeling the need to work those flowy summer skirts and I dresses while I still have the chance - I layered my purple wrap skirt (estate sale), with two loose fitting tops.