Monday, April 30, 2007

The Frosting Side of Fashion

I don’t know if it was watching Marie Antoinette with all is frills and fuss, cupcakes and pink pretties, but lately I have found myself attracted to the frosting side of fashion. Things that are ruffled, girly, and feminine.

We all want to be women who are strong, adventurous and goal oriented, but sometimes we just need to open the closet doors and pull out the "girl" inside of us.

And what better inspiration for that girl, than Erin Fetherston’s Spring Collection.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ventura Thrifting Street Style

Thrifting in Ventura, I noticed this girl. I love the overall skinny nature of the outfit. And check out the detailing on the vest.

(Featuring Arin Joy)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Crossroads Street Style

These two fabulous women work at Crossroads Trading Post. Go visit them! (19th/Harbor Blvd Newport Beach, CA)

Now I am off for the weekend, but I will hopefully be adding some more great street style from Ventura and Carpinteria.

On Holiday

I am off for a weekend with the girls in Carpinteria, CA! Should be a fun weekend...

With The Vintage Society in the forefront of my mind, I will also be using it as a buying trip to stock up on some more inventory!

BEWARE: I plan on capturing some great street style over the weekend, so if you live in the area you might just run into me and my camera.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Grabbin Grub Street Style

These lovely ladies were headed off to a concert in San Diego, but not before grabbin some grub!

(Featuring Alex and Lien)


Our Society Girl of the Week really needs no introduction. I spent my childhood years watching her over and over in the classic "Little Women" (there will never be another Jo like her).

She is a style icon who will forever be impacting fashion. Her menswear inspired choices are so classic yet revolutionary. She defines chic without being pompous.

Our Society Girl of the Week is none other than ... Katherine Hepburn.

Wonderfullness and Funness!

I am so inspired by this Girl and her amazing talent! Her blog is just so full of wonderfulness and funness! (yeah I know those aren't words)

My Little Book

For right now this is where "The Vintage Society" lives.

I can't wait for the day that I can actually show you all photos of the store, new displays that are created, or amazing girls who venture in everyday. Until that day comes, I have only this appointment book. It is where I keep all my ideas, inspirations, contacts and styling creations

Everyday new things pop in my head or I am inspired by someone or something. I keep track of all of that in my little book!

Someday sooner than later this book will become reality, all those ideas will take place and you will not just read about my store... you will come and visit. I can't wait!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Feeling so High!

So yes, this trend is getting a lot of coverage but I thought I would just add to that. I love the high-waisted trend, being one of the curvy girls, high waisted couldn't be more perfect. Flattering all the right areas!

I have been on the hunt for the perfect high-waisted jeans, but have yet to find any. Does anyone have suggestions?

Here are some girls who are rocking the high-waisted look. (Courtesy of of the Facehunter and Melbourne Runway)

I love the way she made "mom jeans" so not "mom jeans". A great idea for the ones of us who love thrifting, head over to your local thrift store - hunt down a pair of tight high-waisted jeans (probably not too hard to find) and make them into a great pair of cut-offs for the summer!

I love the simplicity of this outfit. She is working the waist with a simple tucked in t-shirt, but the scarf and bag make it so much more interesting.

Love the bubble skirt with the paperbag waist.

I love the detailing in this outfit. The ruffles on the shirt and the buttons on the waist. So perfect!

For all the corporate slaves out there, this is a great office look. The high-waisted pants with the blouse and scarf (and please don't forget the white ray-bans) make this such a punky work outfit.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Say It Ain't So

Reading Style Bubble today was a little alarming, Susie was commenting on an article that states "it’s time to archive the vintage". What? As someone who loves wearing vintage clothing and plans on starting a career based on vintage clothing this seems somewhat disheartening. The article's author says that "vintage" has become snobby, that women who wear it feel that they are "unique" because no one can find the clothes that they are wearing. She feels it is not "unique" because now "everyone is into vintage". She also states that "in fashion’s inner circles, it has become a bit embarrassing to be into vintage."

There may be some truth in this article, but I disagree that vintage needs "to be archived".

For me it is about the creation process. I love taking a vintage dress and remaking it into something modern, some creative and something beautiful. I love mixing vintage with designer pieces. It is not that I feel I am more "unique" than everyone else because I purchased most of my outfit at the local thrift store, it is that I feel fufilled using my creative juices to create a whole ensemble. I didn't just look at a mannequin and take home the outfit. I looked at the mannequin and thought how can I make this my own - and usually that means I pulled out the vintage.

Oh well, I love it and I know you all love it too!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

April Showers bring May Flowers

Today I hosted a Bridal Shower! Yesterday's rain turned into today's sunshine!

Bridal Showers are such a great excuse to be all frills and fancy.

Friday, April 20, 2007

"Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head" Street Style

Rain is not a common thing here in Southern California, so when the drops start falling we bundle up nice and cozy.

Here are two girls that made their "Rain Gear" look great.

AIRI (Featured Above)

Work Week Challenge: Day Five

We are here! FRIDAY!!! As Irene Cara said, "What a feeling"! When you work in the 9 to 5 grind there really is no better feeling than walking out of those doors towards the weekend.

It was a gloomy Friday here in California, so the only choice was to wear something bright and cheery. I recently bought this 80's dress from my favorite thrift store "Savers", and tweaked it a bit to make it more fun. At the office, "casual Friday" means jeans so I paired the dress with my skinny jeans and Steve Madden leopard print flats.

Reflecting back on the week I definitely felt more creative and spunky at work. Now it is your turn Society Readers to take the challenge and spice up your 9 to 5.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Work Week Challenge: Day Four

So I finally reached the end of my "serious" work week challenge - cause tomorrow is Friday and that means "CASUAL FRIDAY"! For my grand finale, I wanted it to be punchy.

I worked this cranberry top (which I absolutely love) and paired it with the ever-so-classic pencil skirt. To make the outfit a little more interesting I added the black cumberbun.

Body Type Tip - If you have an hour glass figure (like me) don't be afraid to step into a oh-so-tight pencil skirt and tucked in blouse. It really flatters all the right assets, if you know what I mean :)


I am sure many of you, like me, spend a few hours a week perusing the wonderful world of ebay. The vintage sellers on ebay are incredible! I dabbled in selling for a time, but found myself more drawn to the idea of opening my own store where I could offer great vintage clothing, have personal contact with my clients, and create an atmosphere of inspiration.

During my many hours of searching, I stumbled across The Olive Shoppe. Not only does The Olive Shoppe offer amazing clothes, its owner is a very talented Stylist with a capital "S"! The way she puts together every outfit is amazing. She doesn't just put on a vintage dress and sell it as is, she shows the client a way to add sass to your style.

(I am crossing my fingers to have her speak as a stylist at one of the many "Society Events" hosted in the store.)

She has inspired me as I am sure she will inspire you.

Check out our Society Girl of the Week! (and don't forget to check out her store)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Work Week Challenge: Day Three

So it's hump day... the work week has started to feel a little more exciting because the weekend is fast approaching.

I had a little more fun with my outfit today, feeling inspired by this month's Elle Magazine. Elle featured some "Divine Madras", and I thought it would be interesting to pair my newly reconstructed madras dress and cropped trench coat.

The dress is too short for work so I layered it over some skinny navy pants.

Work Attire Tip- Layer a cute little spring dress over pants. Its the perfect solution to after-work drinks or dinner with the girls. Toss the pants in your bag and your ready for an evening out!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Work Week Challenge: Day Two

So here is day two of my Work Week Challenge. I love this dress that I recently found at an Estate Sale. I think it looks like a Diane Von Furstenberg dress! I mixed the dress with a gold belt and black and gold wedges that I purchased a Savers Thrift Store.

Tip on wearing a vintage dress to work: double check all the seams. I noticed while sitting at my desk that because the dress is so old, some of the seams are coming apart.

Note to self: Must pull out the sewing machine tonight and fix it.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Work Week Challenge

So here's the story. As you know I will be opening "The Vintage Society" Spring 2008, and in the mean time I am getting everything ready ecspecially on the financial side.

During this time I have taken a job at a very "corporate america" company which is almost comical to me, but you do what you have to. So in this "corporate american" office I am supposed to dress professional, and I find myself bored most of the week with what I have on. All the energy that I feel during the weeknights and weekends is gone and I have resorted to those Ann Taylor pants and blouse. Not that there is anything wrong with Ann Taylor and some in the office may say that I am fashionable, but compared to my usual sense of style - IT IS BORING!

So I am here to challenge myself! Even though "The Vintage Society" is not yet open, it does not mean that I am going to limit my creativity to my "off work" hours.

This week I will be putting together some creative, fun work clothes. And yes, I just may have to work those Ann Taylor pants with something snappy - so here goes!

Monday's Outfit consists of cream cardigan from Urban Outfitters, a white camisole from Urban, paper bag waisted pants from H&M and cream canvas wedges from Target.

If there are other creative minds out there stuck in the temporary (let's cross our fingers) corporate job, and you feel you are stuck in the same fashion crisis that I have been experiencing I pass on this challenge to you as well.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cool is When Vintage Meets Modern

So for many of you this will not be exciting... but H&M finally opened here in Orange County, CA. I often don't find myself in regular "mall" stores but it is great to know that I have the option of heading to H&M on a quick shopping excursion rather than waiting for trips to New York or San Francisco.

Something that caught my eye as I shuffled and maneuvered through the jam packed "newly-opened" store was the fact that all the employees were wearing a "uniform". The H&M "uniform" consisted of a black t-shirt with some kind of Grand Opening theme and jeans. How many of us, if we love styling, really want to wear a basic (gym class - remember those?) t-shirt and jeans? Not many. But then I spotted this snazzy girl.

I love how she took something so simple as a black t-shirt and jeans and made them so interesting. The vintage Lacoste cardigan, scarf and penny loafers really made her a "VINTAGE SOCIETY" inspiration.

Thanks, Alisha (pictured above) - hope to see you in my store soon.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Just a Sneak Peak

Here is just a sneak peak at some of the amazing items that I scored today. They will be sold at The Vintage Society.... so you will have to be patient.

I can't wait to see how you girls will put these together for a really modern look.


At 12:00 pm today, I headed out to an advertised Estate Sale that I had seen in the Penny Saver. I was anticipating some great finds because they listed "vintage clothing". Well, I showed up right on time to a old home in a run down neighborhoodd. There was a line already formed of eager Estate Sale Veterns. If you have gone to Estate Sales, you know how it works. They line people up and then let in groups a time to keep the home from getting too over crowded. This always makes me nervous because I am thinking " There are people inside taking my clothes."

Finally, I was let in.. my heart started racing as I rounded the corner and there in the backyard was racks and racks, and piles, and boxes of vintage clothing!!!!!!!!!!!! From every era. This woman had saved every peice of clothing she had ever owned and she had great taste in clothes.

I literally began shaking (you know kinda like when you have had too much coffee) and racing around piling clothes on top of clothes. I wasn't able to take everything I wanted but I walked out of there as if I was a pirate who discovered his treasure.

So Society members, I just scored some amazing merchandise for the store. You will die! I cannot wait till you can come try them on and walk out with some beautiful items. I have faith in each one of you that you will ROCK each item and hold your "Society Status" high.

I know I have intrigued all of you, so I will post some of the beauties later on this afternoon. Stay tuned to get a sneak peak of what will be featured at "The Vintage Society".

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


This week our featured "Society Girl" is Kelly Wearstler!“Top Design” series judge Kelly Wearstler ranks among the design industry's most influential new tastemakers. Acclaimed for trendsetting designs, Kelly is the founder and principal of the award-winning Los Angeles-based firm Kelly Wearstler Interior Design.

When I began tuning into Bravo's "Top Design", I orginally was interested to see what the interior designers came up with for each challenge. During the first episode I found myself facinated when the introduced a premier designer and judge, Kelly Wearstler! Her style is so confident and she definetly has a high-end taste, but the way she mixes each outfit is so out of the box. It is not just the clothes she wears, but the way she puts the entire look together - shoes, socks, dress, shirt, and can we just say "THE HAIR". She rocks the 80's crimp like I have never seen before. Sorry designers, I loved seeing your work... but what always drew my back to each week's episodes was seeing Kelly work her design magic.

So take inspiration from our "Society Girl", Kelly Wearstler!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Each week The Vintage Society will feature a "Society Girl" who has a unique and self-possessed sense of style. The girl may be a legend who is still impacting fashion today. This woman may be a current celebrity, artist or musician who is a style icon. This woman may be you, a girl about town who brings color to every room she enters. People notice this "Society Girl", she is different she is willing to take risks and she inpires.

There is no one else I could think of to be the first "Society Girl" than Jenny Lewis, of Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins. She has such an incredible sense of how to mix vintage and designer fashions, she is beautiful without trying to be "hollywood thin", and she inspires girls everywhere.

Meet our "Society Girl" , Jenny Lewis...