Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Society Girl of the Week: Vitamininmotion

She has a piksi like quality, she is from Sweden.

Her style is bright colors, high waists, flats and heels - thrift store finds, H&M and treasures from families closets.

She inspires you to think outside the box, not settle for one look and take the world by storm.. she is our Society Girl of the Week.. she is known as


Instant Outfit: Gladiator Sandals

"My name is Gladiator."

"My name is Gladiator, commander of the Fashion World, General of the Society Girls, loyal servant to the true creative spirits."

Take charge this spring and summer in the squelching heat, let your feet breathe and step down out of those high heels. Embrace the freedom of the Gladiator Sandal.

Be Gladitor Hippie or Gladitor Preppy... just be conquerors!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekend Recap: Role Playing

I grew up loving the stage.. playing outrageous characters..maybe people laugh..primping in the dressing room - caking on makeup and false eyelashes. I loved every minute of it.

I still seem to be stuck on stage...playing different characters. Dressing up and down and not sticking to one specific role. Their may be some key themes in what I choose to wear - based on body type and certain obessions (um.. high waists) - but never only one role.

I actually admire some who are able to stick to a signature look.. but alas I am just a little dramatic in my choices.

The role of "Blondie"

Its Been A while

The role of "Bohemian Flower Girl"

Sunday Brunch

Friday, April 25, 2008

Riviera Magazine

Thanks to Kathryn for writing this great article in Riviera Magazine and to Sal for the fabulous photo shoot!

Society Girls and the Traveling Shirt

So, Society Girls.. this is where it starts to get exciting! Things around here are going to look different pretty soon. I am in the process of expanding and enhancing The Vintage Society into a full scale fashion website.

The Vintage Society will soon have a complete makeover, with incredible style and flare. I cannot wait for you all to explore and be a part of the growing process.

Now for some exciting news…. If you live in the Southern California area…or just so happen to be visiting.. we will be hosting a huge - fabulous -“put-on-your-most-fabulous-Society-Girl-outfit” Party.. to celebrate the launch of THEVINTAGESOCIETY.COM!

YOU ARE ALL INVITED! (More details will follow in the coming weeks.)

More exciting news.. and probably the thing I am most excited about … I am not only celebrating the launch of the site.. but celebrating YOU – the Society Girl’s around world.

How am I doing this?

Well, it basically comes down to a shirt – a shirt from the new Quiksilver Women’s line – this shirt is, at the moment, traveling around the world to seven Society Girls. Each girl will be styling their own look using the same shirt, showing off their signature style – they will then send me a photo of their creation and fill me in on their inspiration.

Each girl will be showcased at The Vintage Society Launch Party!

I will keep you posted...

Check out more about these ladies:
Rhiannon, Sarah, Jennifer, Francesca, Siriwan, Rikka, and Siri

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Society Girl of the Week: Arden Wohl

She is a New York Socialite.. hops from one party to the next.. has designers duds and studs at her whim.. but there is no denying she is distinct. Not confined to an image that may be set out before her. She defies those boundaries and sets her own.

I absolutely love the idea of embracing one thing and making it your own. A trademark! You begin to define it.. it no longer defines you.

She defines the is her signature.. and she is our Society Girl of the Week..

Arden Wohl

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Instant Outfit: Converse

During the two weeks of pain and time spent on my back.. when I did surface.. I wasn't able to turn to my favored and loved platform heels. It was flats and comfortable shoes for me. For me.. this can cause style cramps!

So I turned to the black sneaks - my converse sneaks.

Converse has innumerable styles and can be the perfect fashion fix when the heels have to take a time out.

Wear 'em high and wear 'em low!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Back to being a full time Society Girl!

Batman's back with a vengeance and that means I am back!

My fixation with the "POW" - "BLAM" Batman has spreads it's caped wings further into my wardrobe. Ever since my encounter with the vintage Batman watch that I walked away from, I have been feeling the loss - and searching endlessly on Ebay for just the right one.

At last the Night Crusader is telling me it's time to get back to being a full time Society Girl! I am glad to be back....

Thanks to all who left words of well wishes! I am sorry it took so long, but sometimes you have to let your health be priority. I am on the road to recovery and have a lot more energy to devote to all you Society Girls. You have been missed!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Little Sad News...

Due to some neck and shoulder issues, I am bedridden and unable to keep up with you lovely ladies until further notice.

Thanks for your patience and for being such fabulous Society Girls. I'll be back as soon as I possibly can.

Here's to some happy thoughts!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Instant Outfit: The Perfect White Dress

Before my feverish coma took over the weekend... I almost went into a "greatest find coma". There are different varieties of great finds - there are vintage finds, thrift finds, and coveted designer (for a great price) finds. It was the third that I stumbled upon early in my weekend.

If you happen to live in a town with a buy-sell-trade store like Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading Co. then you have probably experienced what I am about to tell you...

I exchanged a load of clothes that I hardly ever wear and found myself with a $70 credit to spend as I wish. While perusing the racks, I happened to look up and there in front of my eyes was the most beautiful, perfect, spring-like white CHLOE dress.

That's right a CHLOE dress - one I never thought I would be able to afford, but with my store credit it was at my fingertips!

There was no decision to make, I walked out a happy woman.. now Instant Outfit explores ways to style this perfect dress...or any spring white dress that you have hanging in your closet!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Compiling my List

The weekend was spent under a feverish coma, and I am just now trying to come out of it. So, no fun weekend recap and no fun outfits to display.

Time in bed has given me a chance to catch up on all my magazine reading and I have started to compile a list of "things to look for in a thrift store".

There are times that I just pop into a thrift store with no agenda, but more times when I have a goal or goals in mind. It helps eliminate the overwhelming chaos that loads itself onto the racks.

Here are just a few of the items I will be hunting for in the weeks to come:

1. I am totally into the Marc Jacobs idea of underwear becoming outerwear - in a very tasteful, chic kind of way.
2. The hippie bohemian in me cannot resist searching high and low for perfect circle sunglasses, and I may just have to turn to ebay to find them.
3. Yes, the girly-grunge look has taken hold in my closet and it wouldn't be complete without black Doc Martens.
4. Bracelets, bracelets, bracelets - I have a new obsession with wearing loads of bracelets.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Society Girl of the Week: Taylor Tomasi

I won't soon forget spotting the red converse sneakers as she swiftly walked past me and scooted into the tents. The combination of bright poppy red sneakers, grey treggings, and the Victorian inspired blazer was fashion week perfection.

She has often caught my eye in The Sartorialist's documentation of Fashion Week's across the world. Her style is classic and yet at the same time eye-catching. Each outfit is accessorized with an envy worthy item - a great coat, bag, belt, scarf - and let's not forget the shoes. I have to admit it was girl's like her that converted me over to the dark side (expensive-dramatic- fabulous shoes).

She is the queen of accessories, at least at TEEN VOGUE. She is our Society Girl of the Week..

Taylor Tomasi, Senior Accessories Director, Teen Vogue

(Click on photo to see details)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Letting You in on Her Secrets

I wanted to let you in on one of my favorite little pleasures.

We all love street style from the amazing Sartorialist, Facehunter, AltamiraNYC, but don't you often wonder who the people are - what inspires them, where they find their style, and fashion tidbits they'd love to share- I present to you STYLE.COM's Intersection Videos.

Street Style is taken to a whole new level - a incredibly dressed woman is stopped at an intersection and she let's you in on her secrets - it's the Society Girl way...

A snapshot from the East and West

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Instant Outfit: Ruffled Skirt

What is it about fashion that cycles around and around? Each era, no matter how bad or how good, seems to spin around the cycle. I should swear off saying "this look will never return", because the moment the words have been uttered it pops back up. I find myself desiring a skirt, pants or shoes that I swore I would never dig out again.

This season has revived an era I once thought void of style - the 90's. Tiny print florals, combat boots - girly-grunge has spoken.

Instant Outfit explores the girly-grunge ruffled skirt.