Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Come Shopping with Me!

Saturday, September 27 from 1-8, Beth and The Vintage Society will be showcasing and selling modified vintage treasures at siteLA. Goodies range from the chic and thrifty to once-in-a-lifetime finds.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008

Many Happy Summers

Took a little jaunt up to the lake where I spent many happy summers. It was trips down memory lane and good southern hospitality.

(Leather Vest - thrifted, Tank - Rogan for Target, Sandals - Target, the current staple of pearls)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Simple Southern Girl

A Southern girl who misses the spanish moss that drips and drapes on numerous oak trees that sprawl over green grass, who misses the lush countryside, who misses the farm land, the good southern soul food and the "weird looks" I receive wherever I go dressed the way I dress.

Today I am just a simple southern girl in a little cream eyelet dress with my straw hat toppin' my head - reconnecting with the spanish moss and lush green farmlands.

(Dress - Jovovich Hawk for Target, Shoes and Belt - thrifted, Hat - Ebay)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

On a little Island

Postcards coming from a little island in South Carolina..

In the deep South

(Shirt - some shop in Park City, Shorts and Belt - thrifted, Shoes - Steve Madden)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Travel Onward!

Well it’s that time of year again, time to jump on a jet plane and head out for adventures – a trip to the South and then a jaunt up to Boston.

I love this time of year, summer vacations and explorations – and of course an excuse to compile an all-new traveling trousseau. Gone are the days when women would spend hours and days at the local seamstress as she prepared for her summer’s abroad, but I like to think I arrange my suitcases with the same care they packed their trunks.

As I head out for my excursion, I don’t plan on leaving all you Society Girl’s behind. I plan on taking you on the fashion side of my travels.

Fashion Postcards will be arriving on a daily basis.. so keep checking the mail!

A red eye flight meant comfort and ease!


(Racer-back Tank – Quiksilver Women’s, Jeans – H&M, Belt –thrifted, Roman Sandals – Urban Outfitters)

Going to the Office the Society Girl Way

Sometimes girl’s got to put on a pencil skirt and head to the office. There is something about the office that deters most from dressing their best and being their stylish self. The corporate world is filled with black, black and maybe a little white – but I say don’t shy away from your inner Society Girl. Embrace the opportunity to dress it up and step up the chic factor.

If your office is a little more conservative keep one or two pieces on the down low, but add interesting elements with stand out accessories or a dramatic skirt, jacket or shoes. Do it the Society Girl way..

Office Attire
(Shirt – Ann Taylor, Skirt – thrifted, Belt – Cumber bun thrifted, Shoes – Modern Vintage)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Society Girl of the Week: Michelle

She transforms from hippie-chic to nerdy-chic, she has great accessories that make each look stand out. Her choice of shoes are incredible and covet-worthy.

Five things she's always wanted to do:

1. Go to Europe and a real African safari
2. Wear all the Margiela and Commes des Garcons I want
3. Learn how to cook
4. Own a small, quirky boutique
5. Become a famous dermatologist (Dr. Lisa Airan is my idol!)

She is our Society Girl of the Week...

Michelle, of Chic Clinic

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Pearl Girl

Inspired by the most recent Instant Outfit, I took it upon myself to create a look combining “Stripes and Florals”. My look came out a bit boho-chic, which I seem to find myself drawn to often these days.

My new signature element is a string of pearls that has been collecting dust in the jewelry case - but Carrie Bradshaw brought the “pearl-girl” back out in me.

Society Swap

The Society Swap was a grand success - girls came with what they considered trash and left with new treasures!

Swapping clothes is seriously the most fun thing possible. I dumped out three trash bags full of clothes that - I didn’t wear, didn’t fit, or were just not my style anymore - I returned with a dress I had coveted from H&M a few years back, a cute eyelet skirt and two funky new t-shirts for summer.

There will be more swaps to come with much more notice.. so start storing your “trash” so that you can trade for some treasure!

A Peek Inside the Party

A peek inside The Vintage Society party for all who weren’t able to attend. The evening was just about perfection - the only glitch being the ridiculous heat wave we were experiencing in Los Angeles. Other than that, it was a blast meeting many Society Girls who came out to celebrate- thanks for joining me!

The highlight of the evening was meeting our Boston Society Girl - Francesca! She received the traveling shirt and styled an incredibly inspiring “Sailor’s Wife” creation. Chatting with Francesca and her boyfriend Paul was so much fun. It is amazing connecting with Society Girls from around the country!

All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better evening! Now on to more Society fun…

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Flowers, Stripes and Bold Pops of Color

Flowers, stripes and bold pops of colors - just a little something to snazz up your summer months. Use the combination in a flouncy hippie look or step it up in a an uptown fashion. Instant Outfit shows it off in style.

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Turn

Society Girl's and the Traveling Shirt splashed onto the scene Saturday, June 21st, and what a wave it made!

Before the traveling shirt took it's place at The Vintage Society Launch Party, I was able to showcase the girls at a fashion show/party in Santa Monica, which featured the new Quiksilver Women's line.

I was excited to wear my own version of the traveling shirt, and since the weather was STEAMING hot I had to play it cool. So after traveling from one ocean to the next.. it finally landed on my back!

My Traveling Shirt
(Hat-Ebay, Shirt- Quiksilver Women's, Jeans - H&M, Shoes - Steve Madden, Necklace - Habit)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

YOU ARE INVITED to the Society Swap

One more event coming around the corner.. as in Tuesday evening THIS WEEK!

You are all invited to attend the first ever SOCIETY SWAP!

Bring all those old pieces and trade them for someone else's treasures. Clothes that sit in your closet... you just don't wear them anymore.. bring them... share them.. and get some new "old pieces" from some other Society Girl.

Jewelry by Maliciously Hot and Dust Jewelry will also be available.

June 24th, 2008
7-10 PM

2522 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
213 413

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Traveling Shirt Movie!

Society Girl's and the Traveling Shirt - Revealed

It has been an adventure and all this hoopla has been building up to one big bang..

Society Girl's and the Traveling Shirt!

It came down to one shirt that traveled near and far, landing in the hands of six amazing Society Girls. Each one received and styled their own signature look using one of my personal favorites from Quiksilver Women's new clothing line.

As it traveled from one girl to the next, I was utterly in awe of what they created. Each one so unique and so unlike the other girls. INSPIRATION AT ITS BEST!!

Before I turn you over to dive into their world and their creations.. I just wanted to add that these women will be showcased this weekend at The Vintage Society Launch Party at SiteLA (for more information, look to the posts below). I would love anyone of you to attend and celebrate Society Girl's around the world.

This Society Girl hails from Chicago, Illinois and successfully runs an incredibly enticing online vintage shop, Liebemarlene Vintage on Ebay.

The traveling shirt arrived at her doorstep and as she put together her signature look she was inspired by the idea of mixing graphic prints with romanticism, “I was inspired by Gilbert Adrian's 1930s Victorian costumes!”

Rhiannon’s personal style is “heavily influenced by books, old movies and anything pretty. I wear mostly vintage--mainly dresses--and I'm over-dressed for every occasion, but I think I secretly try to be.”

In her own words, “A Society Girl is an Individual, a Risk-taker, and Nostalgic”

This Society Girl hails from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and has the interesting task of spending her days working on Historic Preservation and Restoration of Historic Finishes

The traveling shirt popped up in her mailbox after visiting Rhiannon and immediately she thought of pairing it with a jumper she’d bought at a local thrift store. “I shortened the jumper because it reminded me of the Mooka Kinney Spring ‘08 Collection, and the addition of the vintage scarf tied in a bow with the vintage glasses on the chain were inspired by the geeky, yet lady-like elements in the Luella Spring/Summer ‘08 Collection.”

Sarah’s personal style is, “Ever-changing, but never without vintage elements.”

In her own words, “A Society Girl is Quirky, Innovative, and Notable”


Jennifer, 32

This Society Girl hails from the good ‘ole Southern state of Alabama and runs a “make-me-want-to-buy everything” online vintage shop, Sally Jane Vintage on Ebay.

The traveling shirt made it’s way through the mail after visiting Sarah and she created an outfit based on, “Her current obsession with super high waists and scarves. I also love classic military inspired styles and the nautical stripes on the shirt were perfect to play off of.”

Jennifer’s personal style is, “Constantly evolving and based entirely on my mood. I love mixing vintage with new pieces. I'm currently loving super high waist, vintage dresses, high heeled boots and scarves.”

In her own words, “A Society Girl is Creative, Independent, and Free-spirited.”


Siri, 23

This Society Girl hails from Brooklyn, New York by way of Santa Cruz, California by way of the Pacific Northwest and is currently a film student.

The traveling shirt plopped down in New York after visiting Jennifer and immediately she knew it needed some “Siri-ness” when creating a look. “I think what this look really comes down to is the fact that, at heart, I'm just a born and bread, flower-loving hippie. This shirt is so classic and simple, which I love, but I also wanted to add some wackiness!”

Siri’s personal style is, “Nostalgic, eclectic, and cheap.”

In her own words, “A Society Girl is Independent, Intelligent and Fun-to-be-around.”


Francesca, 21

This Society Girl hails from Boston, Massachusetts and is currently in transition between jobs, but hopes to go back to school and study Fashion Merchandising.

The traveling shirt jumped states after visiting Siri and being a bit nostalgic she created a look inspired by, “Sailor wives and shipyards.”

Francesca’s personal style is “Girlish and nostalgic.”

In her own words, “A Society Girl is Distinctive, Captivating, Timeless.”


Riikka, 21

This Society Girl hails from Helsinki, Finland and has her nose stuck in the books studying journalism.

The traveling shirt crossed the great ocean after visiting Francesca and being a fellow fashion blogger, she drew inspiration from Swedish Street style blogs while creating her look. “I love the way girls in Sweden pair loose shirts with tight little high-waisted skirts.”

Rikka’s personal style is “Vintage inspired and feminine. I like to play with my style and try out different (and sometimes over the top) combinations.”

In her own words, “ A Society Girl is Independent, Playful, Chic.”

Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 days to go...

To celebrate the launch of The Vintage Society Website, I have enlisted the stylistic efforts of women around the world to show how many lives one shirt from the new Quiksilver Women's Fall 2008 collection can live.

Please join me at the....

The Vintage Society Launch Party
June 21, 7-10 PM
Quiksilver's siteLA
213 413-259

Risky Business

OK, a bit risky... bathing suit season and... I am posting a photo of myself in it... what the heck am I doing... well..

It's just the greatest vintage one piece I could imagine for summer.. and I had to let Society Girls get a peek. I also risked scoring it at a thrift store.. did some major cleaning and I think I am ready to hit the beach.

Have other Society Girls been obsessed with vintage or vintage-inspired one pieces as well?

80's Bathing suit!

Society Girl of the Week: Karla

There are so many amazing Society Girl popping up everywhere, and this one stands out like a high heel among flats.

She has classic elements remnicint of Katherine Hepburn, always mixing in a little masculinity - but at the same time staying true to her feminine nature. Her sense of style is about a simplicity that packs a punch!

Being a shoe lover, I can't help but notice her own obsession with platform heels and covetess boots. Almost all seem to come from a cost-friendly shoes site (check it out).

She is our Society Girl of the Week..


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little Elephants

Little elephants parade along this fun and free-lovin perfect summer top. It was scored at a local thrift shop and I noticed it was torn around the bottom edge. It must have lived as a granny's mu-mu in the old days, but was discovered by a girl like me looking to live in it. Eventually she turned over to the stacks and I discovered it among the racks.
It's been recylced and I couldn't be more enthused to own it for a time. At some point, I am sure it will get tossed in the "clean-out-the-closet" bag.. but until then I will be sportin' the little elephants all summer long.

Little Elephants

(Shirt - thrifted, Jeans - ripped off from a buddy, Shoes - Converse Chuck Taylor's)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This with This.. and That!

Mixing the unexpected - prints and patterns that you don't automatically think of.. that is what makes fashion so much fun!

Thrown together in the matter of moments, those are sometimes the best creations. It is where "effortless" comes in to play. Times when there isn't much thought put into an outfit, just pulling from the closet "this with this.. and that" - then out the door.

My version of "this with this.. and that"!

Leopards & Stripes

(Shirt - Crossroads Trading Co., Vest and Skirt - thrifted, Shoes - Steve Madden)

Monday, June 16, 2008


To celebrate the launch of The Vintage Society Website, I have enlisted the stylistic efforts of women around the world to show how many lives one shirt from the new Quiksilver Women's Fall 2008 collection can live.

Please join me at the....

The Vintage Society Launch Party
June 21, 7-10 PM
Quiksilver's siteLA

213 413-259 and

Standing Alone

Sometimes less is more! Sometimes it is about layers, accessorizing and making an outfit incredibly interesting and hard for others to duplicate - BUT sometimes it's about one or two great pieces that simply stand alone.

I came across this vintage dress recently, and knew instantly that this was a stand alone piece. The print, the detailing, the POCKETS (those pockets) - made it almost perfect.

And it became perfection when paired with my newly acquired perfect (I hunted these for months) brown strappy platform sandals!

They stand alone.

Lovin my new Shoes

(Dress - vintage found at a local Salvation Army, Shoes - Steve Madden)


Yet another item checked of the Summer Hit List - the red high top Converse Chuck Taylors!

This has been a long time coming - I have dreamt of the red canvas shoes with the star patch for a long time, but for some reason hadn't turned over the cash to purchase them. All it took was purchasing a (never worn yet) dress at the thrift store down the road. Immediately, an idea popped in my head - pairing this (not worn just yet) dress with high top red sneakers.

That's what did me in, I began scouring the cheapest way to purchase brand new chucks - it came down to an Ebay seller who sells them for half the price.

Now I just have to live out my dream.

GO Halos

(Head Wrap - Estate Sale, dress and cardigan - thrifted, Shoes - Converse, Bag - Gryson for Target)

A Perfect Summer Saturday!

A perfect Summer Saturday... and those perfect days deserve free, floating hippie clothes. There really is nothing better than embracing the inner bohemian and having absolutely no agenda!

A different mix for the hippie look is pairing it all with pearls - short strings and long strands.

Hippie Saturdays

(Head Wrap - thrifted, Shirt - Toquex, Shorts - ripped old jeans, Canvas Shoes - thrifted)

Florals that Float

The display of the Floral Bubble Skirt bought weeks ago, but until this point hadn't pranced around yet.

Pairing the skirt with with just the right combination has for some reason been tougher than expected. I kept thinking of great fall ideas for the skirt - mixing with tights, leather jackets, cardigans.. and on and on.

Finally, I broke down and decided this bubble needed to float, so I paired it with a 80's leotard and cinched the waist with a rope and gold buckle belt. Let's not forget to mention the next item off the "Summer Hit List" - my new Steve Madden Sandals!

After breaking it in... I think I am ready to give this skirt the Summer treatment.

Bubble Skirt

(Floral Bubble Skirt - Forever21, Leotard and Belt - thrifted, Shoes - Steve Madden)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Society Girl of the Week: Jun

She is comfy, casual and COOL. It all seems effortless and she has a perfect sense of style for those hot summer months.

We can all take a cue from her combinations without much effort. Throw in some brightly colored accessories, scarfs and fabulous sunglasses - pair them with your basic shorts, jeans and tanks and you might just turn out to be as UBER CUTE as our Society Girl of the Week...


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Give it a Whirl!

For all Society Girls who have an artist inkling.. or you just want to play around.. here is a fun contest featured by the creative and beautiful company FREE PEOPLE.
Give it a whirl! For more information click here.