Friday, August 31, 2007

Mountain Girl

So its time for this girl to head out of the city, the traffic, the constant sounds of the city and find peace! That's right we are going to the beautiful mountains and the beautiful lake in the mountains. I can't wait!

Every year over Labor Day Weekend some friends that are basically our "family" go on a mountain getaway. The boys always plan the trip so most years it involves hard core backpacking and using the woods as your luxurious bathroom (always interesting). But - this year there is a baby and a baby on the way within the crew so we are renting a cabin.

The girls are happy to have bathrooms and beds and of course for me there is more ability to dress the mountain girl role. So Yipppeee Kiyi Yay! We're off!

See you in a few days.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I am always amazed with the ever growing Wardrobe_Remix community on Flickr. Every day there are new members inspiring others with their outfit creations, you really have to tune in to keep up.

Recently I have been going back and looking through the pool of photos and I stumbled on this amazing girl. I absolutely fell in love with her eclectic style. She seems to have a few things that always pop up in her photos: incredible vintage purses, her oh-so-cool hair style, and rad shoes and boots!

As soon as I discovered her photos I decided I had to select her as The Society Girl of the Week. Check her out!

The Snail and the Cyclops

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I am sure a lot of you saw this transformation on THE SARTORIALST. He pointed out the change that took place "After One Year.. of New York Style" in one woman's life.

I found this so interesting since my own sense of style has morphed over the years. Since I was young, I definitely had a love of fashion. My friends and I even put together photoshoots that we styled and shot ourselves. (Take this age old photo)

I wouldn't say I was a "statement-maker" or had amazing designer taste - mostly I just liked clothes and I wasn't afraid of wearing something different.

As the years went by I rose, fell and plateaued in the fashion realm. At one point my style icon was Meg Ryan in the movie "You've Got Mail". This look required the cutesy-preppy girl attitude and I even cut my hair short like hers in the movie.

During some years at college in Alabama I got stuck in a rut trying to fit into one look everyone seemed to have - that didn't go over to well and eventually I "got out of dodge" and moved to California!!!! This is where the blossoming began.

Just as THE SARTORIALIST pointed out how New York influenced one lass, California influenced this lass. It was the first place I lived that really inspired me to really go for it. Step outside the boundaries and find my look - or looks. I found I loved vintage clothes and shopping in obscure stores or thrift shops. There were bumps along that road and times that I was still trying to embrace fashion by other people's standards.

Honestly, there have been three things that have been my tipping point - the carefree California mentality (and fabulous thrift stores and estate sales), Wardrobe_Remix and all other Street Style Blogs (it forced me to examine what really looks right on me and my body) and finally my husband (he loves me and my style and that has given me freedom like none other).

I don't think my fashion growth will stop here - I think it will always be "morphing", but I do feel that I have reached into myself and found out who I am when it comes to style. I can't wait to continue to develop and blossom.
Thanks to Style... a Work in Progress I have been tagged as a Rockin Girl Blogger! Wow, Thanks! It is so encouraging to hear from readers that they enjoy my blog!

Now my turn to tag a few Rockin Girl Bloggers...not just fashion but style in every aspect of life!

Style Alchemy
Painfully Hip
Absolutely Beautiful Things

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Don't You Just Love Those Moments...

You know those moments - where you are just being a girl and hanging out with your girls sharing funny stories over coffee.

Tonight was one of those perfect girl's nights. I caught up with Sara (the girl you all love from our Society Challenges) and Meghan (who recently just had a little baby boy!) and went to see the movie "Becoming Jane" (absolutely loved it!). After the movie we sat for a while over coffee just chatting - I love being a girl!

The camisole was actually a slip that I cut off and tucked it into some corset high waisted shorts (Forever 21) topped off with my trusty old peep toe heels.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sing A Little Tune!

"It's that time of year
When the world falls in love
Ev'ry song you hear seems to say
New York Fashion Week is on the way!"

Ok, I know this isn't the Christmas Waltz song you are used to hearing but it the song that everyone is singing. NEXT WEEK we get to see the Spring 2008 creations and I am jumping out of my skin. This year I am more excited that any other year... you want to know why?

Spring 2008 is the opening of "The Vintage Society" and I will watching this Spring's Trends like a hawk! I can't wait to fill the store with vintage wonderfulness that reflects the new designs that we will soon be seeing. AHHH! I can't wait!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Society Challenge : H&M

Ok, let's just start by saying this Society Challenge was really not in the way that Kmart was tough, but more like "I want to buy everything in the store" tough. Yes that's right, it was time for Sara and I to take on another challenge and we chose H&M. To be honest I hadn't been there in a while and forgot how much I love it! There were so many great choices for fall. Sara and I both agreed that we were so ready for fall - the warm wooly coat, tights, scarves - all the goodies.

We did focus, eventually, and chose one item to create two signature looks.

Walking over to the dressing room I realized my arm was rubbed raw from all the hangers I had been holding and I was thankful to hand them over in the salesgirl. Now, the dressing room always creates a sticky situation for our challenge. We both seem to enter with at least 15 items and of course they never let you have them all at one time. Pulling together the outfit becomes difficult because you have to decide what items to start with and what items to leave behind. Finally, after much rushing back and forth - we have our looks. Sara slinks across the hall and slips into my dressing room. There is exclamations as we both see each other and the photos are taken.

Sara went for a perfect Indian Summer ensemble. Layering the gold tunic with a tweed vest and throwing on a pair of skinny jeans rolled up to create a more casual look for the beginning of fall.

I chose to pretend it was crispy-cold outside and layered the gold tunic over an oversized three-quarter t-shirt, then pulled on some wooly leggings and topped off the ensemble with a long sweater dress/vest and a thick gray scarf.

Now if only I had the budget to walk out with the entire outfit and maybe 15 other things I loved. Oh well, maybe next month when I haven't spent all my money.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The New Dress

I was the girl that went to the birthday party had a blast, ate some cake and then headed out the door with the "goody bag". Remember those? Every girl left with a little bag saying "thank you for showing up to my birthday party! Here's some candy and maybe a few fun girly trinkets". Not even two steps outside the party I would dig into the goody bag. Eat the candy and play with whatever trinket was given (maybe stick-on earrings - those were the best!)

Since my childhood I haven't changed much. I purged the closet, traded some clothes at Crossroads and immediately wore the new dress.

My day was filled with two things - work and a backyard dinner party at our home. The new dress turned out to be perfect for both!

The New Dress - WORK
I paired the dress with this with tank, peep toe black heels and a "Carrie Bradshaw Bun" to make it a little more "work conservative".

To change the dress up and make it a little more festive I layered it over this pinstriped button down and tied the blues and greens together with the belt and blue shoes.

Now its time to move on to the other new dress... mmmm... what to wear it with?

Thursday, August 23, 2007


This week is very special, the Society Girl I have chosen is near and dear to my heart. She has become a favorite for many of you readers out there. Her style is what I like to call "hipster beatnik" - kinda random and I don't really know if it makes sense - but it is what it is. She knows how to work vintage with designer and since she has been designing for a new women's line she is able to test run some of the designer goodies from her work closet. (oh... to have her job, right?)

She is not only stylish she is the best girl friend and girl could want. She is a blast to laugh with, dance around in your pjs with and even have sleepovers with.

Though some of you have already seen her amazing style in the "Society Challenges" that we take up each month I wanted to give you a peek at some more.... so here she is - our Society Girl of the Week....

My friend - Sara!

Oh.. and we will be heading out for a new challenge this weekend, so check back later!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Purge!

It was time to purge - the closet that is. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with clothes, shoes and accessories that I was not wearing. They were perfectly fine and very wearable... but just sitting there unused - so purge I did. BUT - the best thing about purging is not getting rid of clothes - it is about getting new clothes.

After filling two bags I headed over to Crossroads Trading Post (it is a great store that buys, sells and trades clothes with customers - also check out Buffalo Exchange). There is nothing better than leaving those bags on the counter and starting to peruse the store for "new" items to refill my closet. I know.. I know.. kind of defeats the purpose.

I hear my name called and find out that I have traded a heap of money to be spent in the store. Good thing, cause I am already holding eight dresses in my hand. Got to love it!

Fifteen minutes later I made my decision and walked out as proud owner of these two new dresses and some funky shoes that I will display later.

I can't wait to put together new outfits with these simple jersey dresses. (I already have plans to wear the grey one at a party I am hosting tomorrow night!)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Indian Summer

Indian Summer - A period of mild weather occurring in late autumn.

It's not really late autumn just yet, but it sure does seem like summer is coming to a close. Kids are back at school, College dorms are being decorated and fashion is turning shades of greys, browns and all those wonderful fall colors!

Yes! Fall is fast approaching, but for many of us (Californians, Southerns, Midwesterners, etc) we experience warm weather into late autumn. The sweaters and coats have to stay indoors and the creativity process begins. How to look like fall without it feeling like fall.

I have been scouring for inspiration and here are some great examples of girls workin the fall trends without breaking a sweat.

Photo Credits: Liebemarlene (flickr) , Style Files , and Stockholm Streetstyle

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Freedom!

My weekly weekend recap. I always have more to share over the weekend because my work days are often filled with 9 to 5. workout, clean house, laundry, cook dinner, etc. My weekends are where freedom reigns. Freedom to sleep in, freedom to go anywhere and do anything and of course freedom to create fun carefree outfits.

My hubby and I have really been using the summer days to their full potential. Many have been spent at the beach eating at a great restaurant or laying on the sand. Something about being by the ocean....hmmmm... it is just so GREAT! We took in the wonderful ocean on Friday at one of our favorite pier restaurants.

I scored these great vintage shorts at an Estate Sale that morning and paired it with my Johnny Cash T-shirt (Urban Outfitters), a thrifted belt, and feeling the Carrie Bradshaw vibe - threw them on with some strappy high heels.

My Saturday started out on a low note (the DENTIST) and ended on a high note (a beautiful dinner cruise around Balboa Bay with friends). I tried something new with the hair and my dentist made the comment, "Um... you look really different today!".

To be comfy in the dentist chair I threw on my jean shorts, camisole (urban outfitters) and a sports-like jacket (estate sale - I have no idea what the letters stand for on the jacket, but it was darn cute).

Keeping the same hair style for the dinner cruise I dressed it up with this purple dress (estate sale) but wanted to dress it down with the angle strapped white heels (thrifted) and white tennis belt (thrifted).

Sunday I tried the side pony tail - whew! 80's here we come, but I loved it with the sweet little flower.

The purple dress, patent leather belt and heels were all thrifted.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Dressing Room Question?

Ok... ok... I have heard the comments. "What about the "no dressing room" situation in the store?"

The store will be set up so that a majority will be completely behind closed doors.. no windows... no peaking in. NO BOYS are allowed.. absolutely none! Just think of the store as a giant closet (you know.. celebrity style), except that you are sharing your closet with a few other girls who love fashion just as much as you. There will be the freedom to just throw your clothes on a couch and run around the store trying on whatever your heart desires.

Ohhhh! and you see this other girl, she is trying on something really great.. she grimaces.. it's fitting a little tight.. she doesn't seem to think it the perfect fit for her - and you think wait a minute I think it would be perfect on me. You walk up as she casts it off, "Do you care if I try it?"..."Sure go ahead!" she smiles. Ahhhh! Its perfect just like you thought! A match made in heaven.

Alrighty.. for those out there that don't feel totally comfortable, I will have dressing screens!

But, once you experience the giant closet with all your girl friends... I think you'll find you don't need the Dressing Screens.

Yipppeee! I am honored

I am honored to be chosen as Painfully Hip's Blog of the Week. Thanks girls! Check out there blog, they are definitely one of my daily reads as well.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


A french born girl hitting the scene at the young age of 15, her modelling and acting career took off. This week's Society Girl optimized everything womanly. She was known to be the curvy blond of the 50's and 60's and her style is still effecting today's runways.

I am a fan of her dramatic tastes. Everything was big - her hair, her eyes EVERYTHING! I loved looking into the archives to find images that could be translated to today's style, so be inspired by our SOCIETY GIRL OF THE WEEK....

Brigitte Bardot

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sneak Peek: Store Layout

With the months counting down to the opening of THE VINTAGE SOCIETY, I have started to recieve a lot of questions regarding details and felt that I should let the Society Girls out there in on some of the secrets.

I have not decided on a specific location just yet, but expect to sign a lease in January somewhere in Central Orange County, CA. In the meantime I have been calling on every "FOR LEASE" sign that I see so that I can get a good estimate of prices in different locations. I drive down streets feeling like a scavenger hoping to find the perfect spot to call home. My ideal location would be a little obscure, unique, with great windows for displays and not too big (probably 900-1200 SF).

Once I find just the right place - the dirty work begins. We will be persuading any able bodied friend to help build the store out. Whoo Hooo! My creative juices are overflowing with interior ideas, and to let you in on some of the plans I thought I would expose some of my sketches.

The above sketch contains window displays and also ideas for the front entrance of the store. Upon entering a customer will be ushered behind a large wall that will close off the rear part of the store. Once behind this walls it is a girl haven - no windows, no dressing rooms just clothes and fabulous vintage mirrors propped up. The idea is to feel free to work with and inspire the other society girls in the shop. Just a private little girls party all day long - oh what fun!

The walls will be lined with clothes, clothes and more clothes - but will be sectioned off based on current trend. Above each rack will be an inspiration board containing all sorts of stimulation to get you started. Each season the board will be changed and new items will be rushed onto the racks.

As you can see, The Vintage Society will be more than just a place to shop - it is an idea factory, a place to create and meet other girls who share the same passion.

Oh, a note to Society Girls who live outside of California, you will be able to get in on the action - there are plans for an online store as well.