Monday, December 24, 2007

Southern Christmas Eve Extravaganza!

It's Christmas Eve, and we are hosting the family for a Southern Christmas Eve Extravaganza! I have been cooking and cleaning the last few days and can't wait to celebrate.

I will be jetting out to the South for the next week to celebrate even more... so posts may be few and far between.

Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for reading, thanks for your comments, thanks for being my inspiration!

(Polka-dot caplet - H&M, dress - vintage, tights - target, shoes -Payless)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Juno, Juno, Juno

JUNO, JUNO, JUNO! Great, fun movie

Quite chilly and christmasy... spent the day readying for the family festivities on Christmas Eve. We host! I am creating a winter wonderland dinner party with southern specialties on the menu.

(Plaid coat - vintage, Re-designed brown and white floral dress - vintage, black tights - target, moccasins - vintage)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas Weekend

It is officially time to stop everything mundane, routine, blah blah blah - and start celebrating "the most wonderful time of the year!" - CHRISTMAS!

It felt like a magical morning when I opened my eyes at 6:00 am, and the magic remained as I wrapped presents, had lunch with a friend, went shopping to show my hubby what I wanted (can you guess... shoes... of course) and eat sushi at the best little joint where Kasuki makes the best sushi.

Merry Christmas Weekend!

(I finally figured out how to make the photos bigger if you click on the image, sorry it took me so long!)

(Red Checkered Shirt - Vintage, Black Treggings - MNG, Black Platforms - Bebe)

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Some would say I am brave when it comes to fashion.. but I am not brave.. not extremely brave. This week we focus on the brave, the individual and a girl that defines her own style. She does not seem to dictate what she wears based on magazines or celebrities. I find it inspiring!

She is the queen of layering, she has the best coats, she has the best sweaters, and a sunglass collection that makes me crazy (notice the white ones!). The "best" often are vintage or she has searched them out in a thrift store.

Her bravery and style deserve the recognition of Society Girl of the Week....

Ramaida (or "nemrešpobjećodnedjel je" as she is known over at Wardrobe_Remix)

SHINY MEDIA's TOP 100!!!!!!

Thanks to Shiny Media for selecting me as one of their TOP 100 FASHION & LIFESTYLE blogs! I was honored by their description as well...

"#20 - The Vintage Society:
Another avid Wardrobe Remix-er, this blogger combines outfit and product picks with historical profiles, and celeb features. Her own sense of style is a great slice of LA indie which is accessible but nonetheless quirky."

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


As requested.... "I have to go to my sister's church to see my nephew in a Christmas play this year, but afterwards we're going out to celebrate my sister's birthday. I need an outfit that can be appropriate for church and festive, but not look too stuffy going out. Can you help?"- Alicia, Society Girl

With all the festivities that are planned around this time of year, often you have to double up and go from one thing to the next. You may have a Christmas lunch at work and then a dinner party later in the evening.. what's a girl to do?

I suggest finding a dress or skirt with a great print and some pizzazz that will knock socks off for your dinner party, but to make it a little more "church or office appropriate" - layer the dress with a sweater tunic or dress. Keep your accessories sleek and chic - but interesting.

Either way you will be stunning!

Input on the INSTANT OUTFIT?

One week before the Christmas holiday... any requests for the INSTANT OUTFIT? A trend... a specific event... anything?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Recap: Ice Skating and Gift Exchanges

Ice Skating, gift exchanges, and shopping are just a few of the Christmas pastimes enjoyed over the weekend. Festivities mean festive dressing!

For a skate downtown beneath the city skyscrapers and twinkling lights - I pulled together my ice skating skirt with a grey wooly sweater and cinched the waist with this wide orange belt.

An Italian Christmas gift exchange was a perfect way to wrap up this present of a weekend! For casual dining and good company I decided on my high-waisted jeans, puff-sleeve blouse, bow-tie, and my "ridicuously high" Michael Kors platforms.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Everyone could use a Bandage

I love how fashion is cyclical. It is just another reason that vintages works. Fashion is constantly evolving, but often reflective of other times. A perfect example is the current rebirth of bandage dressing.

This trend, popular in both the 80's and 90's has come back around thanks to designers Proenza Schouler and Christopher Kane.

It seems to be a little scary for those who are not a size two, but I say embrace it. If you feel confident in your form, it can really shows it off. For fall and winter pair a shorter bandage skirt or dress with opaque tights and some sort of heel (they make your legs look spotlight ready!). My philosophy is to keep most skin covered to look sleek and chic - not slutty and cheap.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I don't know what brought it on.. but I have been reviving a classic inspiration.. one that some may say is overused... but none-the-less... still an inspiration.

Though the woman herself is an icon, it is her most recognizable character that has me under a spell. I love how she combines her refined, dramatic look with rayban-styled sunglasses. I love her choice of "hello, i am here" hats. I guess I just I love her!

Her high-society style makes her a perfect choice for the Society Girl of the Week...

Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


If you are celebrating the season by Christmas shopping for loved ones, you might notice that every clothing store you venture in to includes some kind of shimmer.

It's party season and time for glitter, glamour and sequins!

You may have a few Holiday Parties to attend and glimmer and glamour certainly work, but we don't live in party clothes... so Instant Outfit tackles a dressed down and up version. Sequins can take you into the party and out to the streets.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Photo Booth

The highlight of the wedding was a fabulous (FREE) photo booth... let's just say I had a little too much fun.

Weekend Recap: The Christmas Wedding

It was a wonderful Wedding Weekend! Christmas songs serenaded the happy couple and friends came together in one of the most beautiful towns in California - SANTA BARBARA. There is something about getting away for a wedding - away from your own home, your own town... it makes everything more magical.

The weekend was a bit chilly - so much so that I bundled up in my coat, high waisted jeans and plaid shirt. To be in season.. I trimmed the tree (coat) with this fur scar!

Black and white were the perfect combination for the days festivities. Dressing down this vintage dress with a biker-chick leather vest and what I like to call "Heidi Braids".

The wedding arrived crisp, clear and for me - Blue! I loved this vintage grecian dress with the balloon sleeves and it didn't mind being spun around the dance floor all night long.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


As I stated, last week I was flooded with inspiration coming out the whazooooo. It amazes me the girls with creativity out there. Everyone is so unique, has their own style and mixes and matches things with their own signature look.

This week I want to focus on another Wadrobe_Remixer out there. She is a true Society Girl who ties together vintage and brand name clothing to create a sassy look that has tons of ZA ZA ZOOM!

Check out our Society Girl of the week....

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Stop Everything it's Wednesday Night...

Wednesday night! It can only mean one thing... at 10 pm... I am seated... ready... waiting to be inspired by - PROJECT RUNWAY!!!!!!! We are already on Episode 4, and though it has been a pleasant ride - it wasn't until tonight that I got really excited.

The challenge: take three outdated trends and update them with new runway-ready-looks. What a fun idea! It's all about reinvention, and here at The Vintage Society we embrace reinvention.

The challenge champions and my personal favorite (can't you tell... it's all highwaisted and figure-flattering) was Jillian's designs. Their outdated trends (poodle skirt, overalls and 70's flair) were on target and felt fresh and ready for Spring 08.

Can I just have the shorts and tulip top?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Superman, Superwoman, Batman and Robin all had something in common - CAPES! Not only are they role models for kids, they have now stepped into the role of Style Icons. They weren't afraid to wear the cape - they rocked this trend long before Kate Moss even existed. Capes are for the brave - so be brave - let the superhero out this season.

For the 9 to 5 Superhero - pair a double-breasted cape with a neutral color pencil skirt, but let out the wild child with patent leather accessories such as this purse, fingerless gloves and motocyle boots.

For the Rocker Superhero- pair a shortened knit cape with a vintage t-shirt, black skinny jeans and take the limelight with bold accessories such as these gold boots, patricia field bag, and sequin beret!

Be the Superhero!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Weekend Recap: Busy Bee

December brings out the busy, busy bee in me. This weekend I buzzed from one thing to the next, and though I was tuckered out by Sunday night... it was a great weekend. One of parties and adventures.

For a day in the city and a party at night I was inspired by the equestrian-look, and I put my own (strange) spin on it. I couldn't resist pairing this vintage pony turtleneck with my 80's black dress.

For Sunday Brunch and Excursion to the City #2, my ensemble was a little biker-chic and a little safari tied together.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Explorations and Silver Lake Ladies

It rained! It never rains in California... well not very often at least... and when it rains in LA you know the next few days will be beautiful. The sky is so clean and clear... the mountains are picturesque, and it is the perfect opportunity to take an excursion into the city.

This weekend I hit up a great little pocket, called Silver Lake. There is an eclectic and artistic crowd changing the face of the city and creating a fabulous place to explore.

Along the way, I stumbled on these inspiring "Silver Lake Ladies"....