Thursday, January 31, 2008

Society Girl of the Week - Debbie Harry

Sleepovers, big hair, watching "Girl's Just want to Have Fun" over and over and siren-like fashion. All these wrapped up together remind me of one time in my life - the 80's! Leaving those years behind, I never thought I would be returning to them in regards to fashion - but you can't stop it - it is a mainstay now. 80's are back and they have been for a while. The neon colors, the acid wash, the jumpers - you can't deny it.

There is one woman in particular who embraced the 80's and set a standard for style. She is still doing it today and looking back through these vintage photographs, I am amazed how much of what she wears makes me "wanna give it a try".

"One Way or Another.. she is gonna getcha".. our Society Girl of the Week..

Debbie Harry

On the Fashion Week Front

More news on the New York Fashion Week front:

After a red eye flight into the city, me and my fashion cohort will be freshening our faces and heading straight into the arms of FASHION MADNESS.

First up - REBECCA TAYLOR - one of my favorite designers from the Spring 2008 collections. She inspired my sherbert signature nails. I can't wait to see what she has the bring to Fall 2008.

To follow is one of the most classic and well known desingers of our time - CALVIN KLEIN - his simplicity is always breathtaking and I anticipate exeptional beauty for Fall 2008.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Pink Blossom

I know its cloudy and cold and spring feels a million miles away... but you have to start somewhere and for me it started today. Flowers are popping up early.

Inspired by the woman who made a
flower perched on your shoulder the next big thing.. I gave it a winter-wardrobe try.

The high-waisted jeans (H&M), cozy thermal(Erin Fetherston for Target) and vintage vest were the perfect stem to my pink blossom!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Along with my news comes the instant outfit inspired by the travels ahead. To reach New York in time to catch the Fashion Week rush - I will be heading out on a RED EYE non-stop flight.

Los Angeles to New York!

Flying overnight means comfort (second) and style (first). Comfort SECOND? I know it's ridiculous.. but come on.. when the destination is NYC.. style must always be FIRST.

Instant Outfit inspires two ideas - Bohemian Pilgrim and Urban Pioneer - both looks tied together by a large tote bag ready and available to carry the Society Girl essentials - Laptop and Camera.

News! News!

I promised some exciting news...

a week from tomorrow I will be on a plane to.....


The Vintage Society will be hitting the scene at NEW YORK FASHION WEEK.

There are more details to come about this exciting adventure.. stay tuned!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend Recap: Story Book Hour

This is an exciting week for The Vintage Society... I have news to tell... BUT I will be eaking it out slowly over the course of the week. Ohhhh.. I hope I have wetted your appetites.

Today... my lips are still sealed... but tune in throughout the week to stay updated on all the adventures to come.

Moving on to Weekend Recap - It must be storybook hour because I seem to have been influenced by Little House in the Prairie and Heidi throughout the weekend.

(Vintage Prairie dress, Tights - Target, and Booties - Steve Madden)

(Vintage Gretel Jumper, "Johnny Cash" T-shirt - Urban Outfitters, Scarf - Charleston Market, Shoes - Steve Madden)

(Burnt Orange Shirt, jeans and Vest - H&M, vintage boots)

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I am SO excited about this week's Society Girl. She is one that I have noticed on the pages of The Sartorialist many times. I didn't put it together until today that I was looking at the same amazing woman. Every time I came across her image she stood out. Who was she, where does she work, what inspires her? A mystery ensued... looking through comments... in search of a reference to who she was.. I finally solved the puzzle.

Until recently she was known as the Fashion Director at NYLON magazine and seems to be heading over to TEEN VOGUE (my favorite!) Her sense of style has a relaxed flare, but at the same time is eye-popping. Her work can be seen here and to get inside her creative head, check out this interview.

She has become a top ten in my books, our Society Girl of the Week is...

Aya T. Kanai

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I will always be a TEEN

I don't think I have raved or gushed over my love for Teen Vogue... yes, I know it says TEEN and I am getting further and further away from the teen years.. but the fashion speaks for itself between those beloved pages.

Now thanks to Discotheque Confusion Blog I have discovered the online world of VOGUE GIRL Korea! There are pages and pages of fabulous editorials with creativity overflowing.

Check out one of the latest spreads...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

INSTANT OUTFIT: The perfect shirt

If you don't own an American Apparel Deep-V Neck Shirt, I recommend heading over to a local shop or buying one online. The tri-blend grey is the perfect "wear it all the time" shirt. It can be dressed up and down and all around.

Instant Outfit takes on four looks for the perfect shirt...

Clockwise From Left to Right

Look 1 - be a hippy chick and channel your inner Jane Birkin. Sport the v-neck with high waisted jeans, floral bag and platforms.
Look 2 - be a preppy ivy league-r with khaki shorts and a old-man's cardigan. Keep it simple with basic flats and add spice with a tribal-inspired necklace.
Look 3 - be a working girl with attitude in structured pieces - cropped skinny pants, a military inspired vest, chic bag and platform booties.
Look 4 - be a downtown girl in a look that doesn't take anything to serious - an ice skating skirt, wide belt, chain necklaces and peep-toe booties.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Recap: Huntress

Since the "Instant Outfit: Leopard Print" entry I have been on the prowl for the perfect printed skirt. The hunt ended this weekend! I finally wrangled myself a "bandage-like" version of this fierce trend, and since I am never able to hold off on wearing a good thing I took it out. Feeling a bit Parisian and Ghetto-Fabulous at the same time I dressed it down with a American Apparel V-neck and added sass with a vintage sequin belt. "Ooooh la la"!

After a night on the town, this huntress hung up her game and went a little more low-key the rest of the week. Let's be honest - a girl can't be dressed in leopard everyday - well at least not this girl.

Mixing grey, navy and brown in a vintage jacket, jersey dress from Crossroads Trading Post, thrifted belt and scarf, and of course sporting a pair of Steve Madden shoes (SM seems to be a staple of mine).

It was game day (like mentioned my husband is an all around jock), so football viewing meant comfortable and casual in my H&M high-waisted jeans, vintage plaid blouse and good old converse kicks.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Out-Shining the Sunlight

Photo Credit: David Zellaby

Reading emails and posts from Society Girls across the world is one of life's little pleasures! I love hearing your suggestions, thoughts and questions. Recently I received an email from Ashli, a true Society Girl... (she signed off with "Society Wishes" - I love that!).

This Society Girl is headed off on a "well-needed beach vacation" next month and she wonders where she might find a great vintage swimsuit to set herself apart.

I welcome any other Society Girl's suggestions out there who are experts at finding great suits, but I thought I'd throw in my own ideas:

1. Thrift Stores - I know it may sound gross to buy a used bathing suit, but just give it a good cleaning. I found an amazing pink, teal and white chevron striped one-piece from the 80's which is a blast to wear. Suits are usually in the lingerie or workout clothes section.

2. Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and even Victoria's Secret - vintage inspired suits are very in-the-moment right now, so most stores are selling versions that old-school style.

3. EBay - The pickings may be slim right now, but there should be a few choices out there.

4. Vintage Stores - they have a great selection to choose from (depending on the shop). There you will find true blue suits that look like your grandma in the old black-and-whites.

Have fun out-shining the sunlight!

Photo Credit: Marxchivist

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Society Girl of the Week: Shiva Rose

This week I stumbled on a new inspiration. There are my trusty old inspirations that I can always rely on - Society Girls - who I can trust to make me think.

This one hasn't been on my radar, but after a photo on WhoWhatWear from the Art of Elysium Gala I did some research and found that she's definitely not a one hit wonder.

This Society Girl is married to a high profile actor (Dylan McDermott), but seems to be low key with her own style. She seems comfortable in her skin and willing to add interesting pieces to spice up her look.

Maybe our Society Girl of the Week will spark some interest for you...

Shiva Rose

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Falling Head over Heels

I recently fell in love - with a blog. Yes, it's true I'm in love. Falling in love with a blog is wonderful. You want to spend all your time with the blog, you come back over and over for more and you are twitterpated by what you see. Who made me fall head over heels?

Shiny Squirrel Blog

One of the main reason I fell in love is the oodles and oodles of inspiration. I am always looking for new creations, new designers, and new ideas to get my juices flowing.

When you are in love you learn new things and your eyes are opened to more than the little world around you. Shiny Squirrel opened my eyes to Dorothy Lee. Her designs are classic and simple but there is something so interesting about them that makes it hard to turn your eyes away. Her Spring 2008 collection made me weak in the knees.

Maybe you will fall in love as well...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Instant Outfit: NEON

It started last season and it is exploding for spring, there is no chance to shy away from the bright and beautiful - NEON!

Neon exudes sunny and sparkling, but for most of you out there the weather isn't exhibiting the same feeling, so Instant Outfit tackles a Winter and Spring Neon.

Winter Neon - Pair a vintage dress in a neutral color like white, grey or khaki with some neon shaded tights and warm up with a safari themed coat to give it an urban safari look.

Spring Neon - Go bold with a neon maxi dress and accent the dress with a contrasting black. Have fun with the accessories - mix and match.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend Recap: Best Find Ever

Two years ago I stumbled on one of the best finds EVER! Shopping at my local Savers (thrift store) I was at the checkout counter when I spotted it. There across the counter, behind the display cases hung this amazing faux fur vest. I seriously couldn't believe my luck, and even luckier when I found it was only $15! These moments are few and far between for any thrifter - yes, there are many times you find great pieces - but not a best find EVER.

After wearing it out, the season changed and it got stuffed in a "winter storage bin". Just this weekend I pulled out the bin and felt "the best find ever" deserved to take a spin. I remembered why I fell in love with it in the first place, and couldn't help but wear it twice.

Have you ever had a "best find EVER" moment?

(Best-Find-Ever Vest - Savers, Cream tunic - AA, Sweater - Coldwater Creek, Pashmina - Charleston Market, Belt (just purchased) - Salvation Army, Socks - Target, Shoes - Michael Kors)

(Dress - AA, Coat - Nordstroms, Head Scarf - Vintage Boy Scouts of America, Tights - Target, Shoes- Steve Madden, Necklaces - all thrifted)

(Vintage "Very Jackie" hat - Estate Sale, White Horses Turtleneck - Estate Sale, Jeans - thrifted, Jacket - H&M, Shoes - Steve Madden)

(Best-Find-Ever Vest - Savers, Dress - vintage, Shoes - Steve Madden, Necklaces - thrifted)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Society Girl of the Week

This is one we all know and maybe already love, but I had to recognize her. I know I featured her sister a few months back and now it's her turn.

I believe she sets many of the trends we see other celebrities wearing. She seems to define what's cool in the Hollywood world.

She dresses up in designer, but is not afraid to throw in vintage. She is always dripping with accessories (hats, scarves, loads of rings and bracelets). She has serious hippie (fabulous!) hair.. and I can't help but love our Society Girl of the Week....

Mary-Kate Olsen