Thursday, November 29, 2007


I don't know what's in the air, but this week I have been inspired by many Society Girls. I had an entire list to choose from and I plan on displaying all of these over the next few weeks. My initial choice was one from across the pond. A TV presenter in one of my favorite cities - London!

She's got spunk, british funk and not my junk in the trunk.. if you know what I mean. Check out our Society Girl of the Week...

Alexa Chung

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

INSTANT OUTFIT:A city girl finds her perfect tree!

The holiday season starts the day after Thanksgiving at my house. Instantly, Ella Fitzgerald croons Jingle Bells in the background and the scented candles smell of pine. I love this time of year! Yes, I know it is the busiest season and some people find it draining, but why not slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures.

For those who live in small towns and forests are near by, finding a tree is a real adventure. I picture the ax being pulled off the wall as the whole family tromps through the woods in search of the perfect tree (or maybe that just happens in "Little House On the Prairie").

For this city girl, the forest is more like a large parking lot filled with trees of all shapes and sizes. I know that it may not be the real search for a perfect tree, but it makes it a lot easier to "look adventurous" rather than "be adventurous".

So to create an adventurous look - pair leopard print with treggings, boots and a zany Christmas t-shirt. If nothing else.. you are guaranteed to spread some Holiday Cheer!

Shop here: Hat, Coat, Gloves, Tshirt, Pants and Belt, Shoes

Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend Recap: Fall Smacked Me Right in the Face

Oh what a wonderful feeling! Oh what a wonderful weekend! I feel refreshed and rejuvenated by the clean, crisp air and the golden leaves in the forest. The fall finally smacked me right in the face... and I officially got to wear gloves, scarves, jackets... I was in heaven!

Road trips are the best: good coversations with your co-pilot, great tunes (Christmas music for me), cappuccinos that are "oh-so-sweet", and views that take your breath away. I must say, I was a little dramatic with the "mountainey-nerd" thing I had going on, but why not.. it's a roadtrip... "what goes on a roadtrip, stays on a roadtrip"....

(Jeans - H&M, sweater -Savers, Scarf - bday present from F21, and good old chucks)

Once in the moutains, influenced by the city girl in me, we stay in the most fabulous hotel... whooppee! Fancy dinners and Fancy dresses.. yes sir.. just the way I like it.

(Dress - Vintage 70's, Tights - Target, Shoes - bday present from Bebe)

Finally a day of frolicking in the fields and pair skating on the ice.. ok maybe we weren't pair skating.. but, we were at least attempting to slide and glide gracefully.

(Jacket - vintage 80's, Jeans - Fashion Gal, hat - thrifted and good old chucks)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Off to See the Fall!

I am off for a few days to YOSEMITE! To see the fall... it's tradition! See you soon!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Thanksgiving Day! One of the best days of the year... it involves family (that we love), food (that we love) and fun times.

Thanksgiving festivities also mean a reason to put on something fabulous! This year I went pretty literal with the fall color pallette, but what better time, right?

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would just like to say that I am thankful to all the Society girl's (and guys) out there who read. Your comments and emails have meant a ton to me and this journey has been a blast to take with all of you. I am excited to continue the adventure... (can't you tell!)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Ways Than One

It's Thanksgiving Eve.... whoppeee! I love this time of year and today was the perfect Eve to the day of feasting. The morning was my chance to finish draining the birthday purse, and that is always fun. These days are great for throwing on my wide leg slouchy jeans and billowy top - to add a little pizazzz I topped it off with (my favorite go-to item) a hat! (Another birthday purchase!)

Scarves are also becoming one of my go-to items and I think one reason is that I have finally figured out more ways than one to wear them. Europeans have always had the knack, but I have been at a loss for years.... until now.

One new little tidbit that has made scarves so much more wearable has been adding a hairpin. That's right - a hairpin - one that has some detail and (for me today) bejeweled. You should be able to find one of these hairpins at any market or target-ish stores. The best type of scarf to wear it with has knitting and holes that you can work the pin into. Voila! A fun new way to look European.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Recap: Birthday Extravaganza

It was a BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA! This will go down in the books as one of the best yet. The entire weekend was full of all the things I love most - clothes, shopping, clothes, my family and my wonderful hubby (who planned the extravaganza)!

My Birthday's Eve was just about perfect with my family in town (from the other coast). After the 9 to 5 is was time to celebrate with pedicures, pre-birhday gifts and dinner with the whole fam. The military inspired ensemble flowed from work to fun without a hitch..

The Birthday morning started with yellow roses by my side and being spoiled was the agenda for the rest of the day. It really was one shopping excursion after another and the icing on the cake was dinner by candlelight and love.

I guess the day couldn't go on forever - all good things must come to an end - but there were many gifts to strut on the street.. like these Michael Kors shoes (on sale!), new top (H&M), new bag (H&M) and many more to be worn...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Soirée Season

Since I am the designated "social planner" of our household, I carry a miniature calendar with me at all times. You never know when someone will call, email or let you know of an upcoming party. This time of year my calendar gets a little worn out. Looking over the remaining weeks of 2007 I realized that almost every weekend includes at least one soirée! Ahhh...

With soirée season in full gear one thing comes to mind. "What to wear to a lovely soirée?" Besides whipping up something out of the box and unpredictable, I think to consider the quintessential Little Black Dress.

Knowing that there will be numerous LBD's in the room, I suggest going vintage....

and since "The Vintage Society" doors have not opened just yet (soon..soon)EBAY is always an option.

If you are feeling a little boho with a LAVIN influence shop here!

If you want to ruffle and flounce all night long shop here

If you want to be the best dressed in the room shop here

If you want the perfect dress to wear with colored tights shop here

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I remember sneaking off during an afternoon in college to go see the movie "Blue Crush". I had just moved out to California and felt it would help to initiate me into the surfing culture. It was a great "girly-girl-power" movie and I walked out ready to hit the waves.. (well kind of).

Since that day the star of the movie has shot to A-list status in the celebrity world, and with that fame - comes amazing stylists. Lately, her clothes are classic, cute and ever so stylish. She's the perfect girl in a flat, skinny jeans, and a scarf.

I am not sure if she is the inspiration or the stylist behind her, but neither matters, because the end product is great... and for that our Society Girl of the Week is...

Kate Bosworth

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Diamonds

With birthday on the brain, I have been quite materialistic over here... I can't help but think of all the things I want and the gift list is quickly growing longer.

Recently, I was asking my husband why he has not bought me jewelry over the years (except of course my beautiful ring). I put it this way, "Don't you know that diamonds (and jewelry, in general) are a girls bestfriend?" and he responded back, "Diamonds may be some girl's best friend but your BFF just happens to be shoes!".

He couldn't have been more on the spot. I love shoes and if there is ever extra money thrown my know what I will be spending it on... SHOES ! Lately, they have been my splurge. I have acquired a taste for the quality pair - and that usually means spending a little more dough.

So, for my birthday I compiled my "diamonds" into a very succinct list!

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Urban Outfitters, and Steve Madden

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


It is just wishful thinking, but ever since our "Thanksgiving" with friends I have been hooked on the idea of the holidays and the dream of a white Christmas to come. I am sure for some you out there, you have already experienced the first snow of the year.. something I will probably never experience. Yes I know I can visit snow and pretend to live in a winter wonderland... but I doubt it will ever be reaity for me.

So just for fun I created an instant outfit based on what I would wear on a perfect "first-snow-day".

In my dreams, I would wait till just after the snow settled and everything was quiet, pull on my galoshes (and "fake fur" coon-skin cap, of course - I've got to get one of those!) and head out for a midnight walk. For those who have these kind of days.. take a walk for me.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Recap: One Bash After Another

This weekend was one big bash after another! My kind of weekend... I thrive on activity.

It is finally good and chilly here in California and for me that meant layers of warmth. Friday morning was one to celebrate the intellectual (that I wish I was). Mixing patterns and styles with my plaid shirt and brown (fish-design) bow-tie... it made me feel ready for a day of work at my desk.

A girls night out was the perfect way to end the evening. Dinner at a great "Soul Food" restaurant and shopping for birthday present ideas (yes.. for myself.. I can't help it.. I love my birthday!) The high-waisted jeans from H&M tied in perfectly with my vintage floral shirt from Melrose Trading Post (a great vintage flea market in LA).

Saturday kicked-off the holidays early with a pre-thanksgiving dinner. Eating turkey, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole couldn't be any better when munching down with your family of friends. My look was described by one of the "family" members as "so warm and cozy".. and it was!

Sunday wrapped up with a baby shower, and though it was a cloudy-cold day I was bright and cheery in my oh-so-yellow pants. (my new faves - who wouldn't be happy in such happy pants?)

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Frosting Side of Fashion Will Be Mine!

Months ago I reveled in the "Frosting Side of Fashion" where Erin Fetherston's designs reign supreme. She is the Queen Bee when it comes to putting the cherry on top, and unfortunately for me she's a high-end designer, so the opportunity to ever own one of her creations seemed unlikely on my monthly budget. All that has changed thanks to our friends at Target and their wonderful GO INTERNATIONAL campaign.

NOVEMBER 18th (the day after my birthday - perfect timing!) the "cute-as-a-button" clothes arrive in stores. So after recieving the birthday gifts (hopefully a little $) you know where to find me. I will be the one stacked with mini dresses and heart shaped purses.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Ok, I will admit it… I’m hooked on Gossip Girl. I know, I should be fifteen and watching this with my friends after school… but no, I am a grown woman hooked on a show called Gossip Girl. I’m not going to hide it.

I have to say that it's not really the drama or cute boys that keep me coming back - it's the clothes and the fact that the clothes are being worn in New York City.

The two main characters have polar opposite styles - a girly schoolgirl and the other, a high fashion bohemian (oh! kinda like the society fashion shoot "Bookworms & Bohemians). Watching each episode I feel I am transported into an Editorial from Teen Vogue, and what could be better than that?

Let's all go back to our high school days for the Society Girl's of the Week...

The Gossip Girl Cast

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Say Hello to SWIRLING!

One of the best things about starting The Vintage Society Blog has been the constant connections that I am able to make with others inside the fashion industry. I love it!

Earlier this year, as I was just beginning to research ideas for The Vintage Society store, I stumbled on SWIRL, a website introducing the fabulous designs of Evelyn & Suzanne (or The Swirl Girls) and the store where they sell their collection. At the time I was mesmerized by the interiors of their little shop in Singapore. The colors they chose, their displays, their clothes - all seemed to be pulling me in. If only I were able to hop on a plane and stop inside the shop.

Recently I discovered that not only are they Swirl Girls, they have become Society Girls. It is fun to think that we are inspiring each other across an ocean. This is a perfect example of what The Vintage Society is all about - girls inspiring each other to greater fashion heights and better selves.

So, it's now your turn to swirl into their shop (if you live in Singapore) or online (they ship internationally)! Their designs are beautiful with a vintage flare, this little number is my absolute favorite - it's called the Betsy Dress!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


A society girl out there requested that my instant outfit this week be focused on the latest trend - TARTAN - I was more than happy to oblige. These days, tartan is not just for your scottish family reunion, it can be worn just about anytime and anywhere. There are tartan dresses, tartan bags, tartan hats and tartan coats. The list could go on and on - so why not give it a try!

This week I stuck with a easy to find tartan dress (you should be able to find one in any Forever 21, Urban Outfitters or H&M). To give it some element of interest I threw a ruffled white slip underneath (again, easy to find at most thrift stores) and the staple of the season - opaque tights. For a day of trekking around the city or flying to see family for the holidays I chose super comfortable Converse high tops, and if its a bit chilly outside - cute fingerless gloves and (ohhh!) a tartan beanie.

Don't get too tarty - just have fun!

Top 100!

Thanks to the writers over at Customized Girl, I have been selected as one of the Top 100 Fashion Blogs! Check out the list to find other great reads.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Weekend Recap: Jeans, Jeans and More Jeans

It was a weekend for jeans. I just wanted to be comfy and casual most every single day.

This is actually out of the ordinary for me. I'm a dressy-kind-of-girl, my philosophy would often be, "You can never be too dressed for any occasion". I don't know why, but I love the dramatic. I love to wear a piece that is out of the box or a little more gussied-up than what's expected.

Not this weekend - this weekend I pulled three different style of jeans - skinny jeans, wide leg jeans, and high waisted jeans.

My skinny jeans are SUPER skinny jeans. They take a little dancing and squatting (you know you do it too) to get them to fit just the way I like.

My wide leg jeans took me to my morning sewing class and lunch with a girlfriend. They were the perfect Saturday morning jeans!

My high waisted jeans can be a little tricky. If I don't style them just right, they could turn out looking like mom-jeans from the 80's.

To finish off the weekend and spend an evening outside of my jeans - I wore my new vintage 70's dress for a Anniversary Dinner for my hubby's work.

It was fun to ride the jeans train, but by the end of three days I was ready to be that dressy-kind-of-girl again.