Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Instant Outfit: NEON

It started last season and it is exploding for spring, there is no chance to shy away from the bright and beautiful - NEON!

Neon exudes sunny and sparkling, but for most of you out there the weather isn't exhibiting the same feeling, so Instant Outfit tackles a Winter and Spring Neon.

Winter Neon - Pair a vintage dress in a neutral color like white, grey or khaki with some neon shaded tights and warm up with a safari themed coat to give it an urban safari look.

Spring Neon - Go bold with a neon maxi dress and accent the dress with a contrasting black. Have fun with the accessories - mix and match.


The Clothes Horse said...

When I was in high school all I wanted for prom was a neon yellow dress--strangely I could never find one then...

Candid Cool said...

cool neon maxi dress look