Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Recap: The Caped Crusader

Thanks to Luella's Spring '08 runway, I have a new fixation on Batman's wearable memorabilia.... you know the "POW" - "BLAM" Batman from the old days. Luella mixed dainty floral prints, preppy cardigans and Batman - only she would come up with something so.. fabulously quirky.

"Batman-mania" took on a new life when I discovered a vintage Batman watch behind the counter of my local thrift store. I walked away without purchasing the caped crusader's time ticker, but soon found myself searching Ebay for anything Batman.

After sorely losing one after the other, I finally received this in the mail...

(Batman T-shirt - Ebay, Skirt - old skool Express, Booties - Steve Madden)

(Giraffe 80's T-shirt and Checkered scarf- thrifted, Bandage skirt - Black/White House, Booties - Steve Madden)

(Vest - Vintage, T-shirt - Quiksivler Womens, Jeans - H&M, Shoes - thrifted)

(Hat - Vintage Estate Sale , Jacket - Crossroads Trading Post, Skirt, Boots and Belt - thrifted, Socks- H&M)


Anonymous said...

See Here

Imelda said...

I really love the giraffe t-shirt, it looks so cute!

Tiger Feet said...

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Mine said...

I love the second look and the fourth is cool.Want a skirt like this like baad.

Lisa C. said...

Hey Beth!

Love the blog. Will be back often to see what's doin' with you and your ever expanding wardrobe.

punky said...

A chick in British Glamor is wearing a batman shirt...I thought of you when i saw it.

meli said...

that giraffe outfit is one of my fave ones. I love skirts,love, love.
I think once the only time I dont wear mini-skirts (with full colorful tights) is when it rains, maybe.

Keep up the great posts vintalicious!!

Poster Girl said...

Very inspiring as always!