Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Superman, Superwoman, Batman and Robin all had something in common - CAPES! Not only are they role models for kids, they have now stepped into the role of Style Icons. They weren't afraid to wear the cape - they rocked this trend long before Kate Moss even existed. Capes are for the brave - so be brave - let the superhero out this season.

For the 9 to 5 Superhero - pair a double-breasted cape with a neutral color pencil skirt, but let out the wild child with patent leather accessories such as this purse, fingerless gloves and motocyle boots.

For the Rocker Superhero- pair a shortened knit cape with a vintage t-shirt, black skinny jeans and take the limelight with bold accessories such as these gold boots, patricia field bag, and sequin beret!

Be the Superhero!


Sally Jane said...

Capes are definitely my new favorite cover up. Cute outfits!

ambika said...

I can't stop wearing my Zara cape. I just replaced the plain black buttons with big white ones and am dying to wear it out.