Tuesday, November 27, 2007

INSTANT OUTFIT:A city girl finds her perfect tree!

The holiday season starts the day after Thanksgiving at my house. Instantly, Ella Fitzgerald croons Jingle Bells in the background and the scented candles smell of pine. I love this time of year! Yes, I know it is the busiest season and some people find it draining, but why not slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures.

For those who live in small towns and forests are near by, finding a tree is a real adventure. I picture the ax being pulled off the wall as the whole family tromps through the woods in search of the perfect tree (or maybe that just happens in "Little House On the Prairie").

For this city girl, the forest is more like a large parking lot filled with trees of all shapes and sizes. I know that it may not be the real search for a perfect tree, but it makes it a lot easier to "look adventurous" rather than "be adventurous".

So to create an adventurous look - pair leopard print with treggings, boots and a zany Christmas t-shirt. If nothing else.. you are guaranteed to spread some Holiday Cheer!

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Poster Girl said...

Very festive and cute. I'm a sucker for leopard prints.

Hippy Chic said...

where are the pieces from, your closet? &&&
what are the brands, I really like the boots.

laura said...

this is cute. (: