Tuesday, November 13, 2007


It is just wishful thinking, but ever since our "Thanksgiving" with friends I have been hooked on the idea of the holidays and the dream of a white Christmas to come. I am sure for some you out there, you have already experienced the first snow of the year.. something I will probably never experience. Yes I know I can visit snow and pretend to live in a winter wonderland... but I doubt it will ever be reaity for me.

So just for fun I created an instant outfit based on what I would wear on a perfect "first-snow-day".

In my dreams, I would wait till just after the snow settled and everything was quiet, pull on my galoshes (and "fake fur" coon-skin cap, of course - I've got to get one of those!) and head out for a midnight walk. For those who have these kind of days.. take a walk for me.


laura said...

this outfit is fun.
we've had the first snow in germany last week and it was pretty, although it didn't last. but it's so cold outside (i'm wearing two tights on top of one another today), i guess it won't take long until the next snow falls.

Yadira said...

Love it. I am a California girl and have yet to see real snow fall. Some day.