Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Ways Than One

It's Thanksgiving Eve.... whoppeee! I love this time of year and today was the perfect Eve to the day of feasting. The morning was my chance to finish draining the birthday purse, and that is always fun. These days are great for throwing on my wide leg slouchy jeans and billowy top - to add a little pizazzz I topped it off with (my favorite go-to item) a hat! (Another birthday purchase!)

Scarves are also becoming one of my go-to items and I think one reason is that I have finally figured out more ways than one to wear them. Europeans have always had the knack, but I have been at a loss for years.... until now.

One new little tidbit that has made scarves so much more wearable has been adding a hairpin. That's right - a hairpin - one that has some detail and (for me today) bejeweled. You should be able to find one of these hairpins at any market or target-ish stores. The best type of scarf to wear it with has knitting and holes that you can work the pin into. Voila! A fun new way to look European.

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