Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Recap: Summer Fades

This weekend was one of excitement. For one thing, I started my first sewing class at a local university. I know the basics of sewing, but I am trying to become more versatile. A test of comittment was waking up early on Saturday morning and heading out to class, but I made it on time - let the learning begin!

I wore my new grey jersey dress (Crossroads Trading Post), layered with a jumper that I reconstructed earlier, a ruffled lightweight vest (H&M) and some comfy flats (Urban Outfitters).

The evening was one to celebrate a housewarming for my brother and his new wife. The last few days of summer are starting to fade and before the knits and coats come out, I wanted to wear this floral summer dress.

I liked mixing the dress (recently thrifted) with a vintage slip underneath and two braids pinned to my head. One last touch was throwing this vintage hair comb into the braids.

Finally on Sunday, in which I often experience the work week blues, my hubby and I caught up over dinner at my new favorite restaurant - Z'Tejas.

Again feeling the need to work those flowy summer skirts and I dresses while I still have the chance - I layered my purple wrap skirt (estate sale), with two loose fitting tops.


Pretty Girl said...

You are the best, when your store opens I'm making a trip to Cali just for that. Make sure you stock stuff for us curvy girls. Where is that trading thrift store actually located?

julie said...

you're so very awesome and i love to peek into your clothing life that this blog provides!

may i ask a random question? is your husband fashionable? i just always seem to meet these rather ordinary dressers and am wondering if a relationship can work where one sees her clothing as an expression of herself and the other sees his clothing as comfortable.

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