Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Lake

Back from the Lake (Shaver Lake, CA) and beginning to get back into the groove. This Labor Day weekend was a fabulous siesta for the troupe of 11 friends. The tradition of this trip is one of the things I look forward to the most during the year. You really can't beat three solid days with friends couped up in a mountain cabin. There were many hours on the lake, many hours over meals and many hours playing a game called "Settlers of Catan".

Well this trip signals for me, the end of the summer - and what a summer it was. Thanks to you Society Girls out there - I have enjoyed my summer even more. I look forward to the fall ahead of us. Bring on those fall trends!!!!!

Oh, and New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow. See you then.


jasmine said...

I really enjoyed browsing your blog (my coworker turned me on to it and she's on the blog somewhere in the previous entries, haha) and just wanted to say hello!
Excited for you to open up shop! :)

LiAn said...

I love settlers! It's such a fun game :)