Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Be Your Own Icon

New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, the Fashionista Diaries, Vogue, Teen Vogue, etc., etc., etc. These all have one thing in common – Designer Clothes! And how much do we all love designer clothing – probably a lot. And how many of us can afford to buy designer clothing on a consistent basis – probably a few. Don’t get me wrong, designer clothing is amazing. It is inspirational, sensational, and fabulous… but it is something that I really don’t see myself ever able to afford on a day to day basis. For those out there who can – way to go!

I have noticed.. in the designer relm (i.e. magazines, fashion weeks, certain street style blogs) that there is an emphasis on wearing designer duds, that it elevates you to a different status. And though it may elevate you to a status that costs much more than the others, I disagree that it makes you more of a “fashion-icon”.

There are so many ways to be fashion forward, and I happen to choose vintage. I don’t think that vintage or designer is better – I just know that vintage (not vintage-designer) is often WAY less expensive and I don’t think that this that is taking a step down.

Case in point:

These are vintage high-waisted “very-in” jeans- sold by the wonderful ebay seller THEOLIVESHOPPE:

They were purchased by a lucky girl for $87.00.

These are high-waisted “very-in” jeans sold by my favorite desigers Jovovich Hawk:

They can be purchased for $276.00

One is not better than the other and I am not ranting against designer clothes because I am a vintage fan, but just I am just saying that I don’t think it should be a factor if you wear one or the other.

Just do what you can to be your own “STYLE ICON”.


casey said...

I love the philosophy of this post! :) Great reminder that you should always be true to your own, stylish self!! :D

leslie said...

I so agree - I alwasy read Bazar, vougue for the inspiration and then i go searching ebay for similar things in Vintage. i love designer but its just not affordable. Amd I hate looking like everyone else like it seems to be the norm these days especially where I live. Love your blog and I can't wait until your store opens.

Anonymous said...

I definatley agree with you on this post.
Where I live, the people considered most "stylish" are not the people who shop at expensive stores, but are the ones who hang out outside of local coffee shops wearing the cheapest vintage finds =]