Friday, September 14, 2007


New York Fashion Week has come to a close. I spent every day scouring the new runway trends and staying up on what Spring 2008 looks like. The looks that come down each runway are incredible and inspiring, but I find the streetstyle in some ways MORE exciting.

Street Style captures real women (or men) who are completely different - their tastes, their shape, their life, their passions - who they are is not identical to anyone around them. That's what makes individual style so amazing. Though you could have an indistinguishable dress on two women, each person who wears it gives it a distinctive twist.

So with that in mind I selected my TOP TEN favorite looks from New York Fashion Week, courtesy of the incredible women on the streets!

Yes, this is the stylist Rachel Zoe - I have to say I love her bohemian-vintage dress!

This look reminds me of something my friend Sara (Society Challenges)would wear. Ultra feminine dress paired with slouchy sneakers.

This girl to me is what it is all about. Great dress, funky hair, and wild accessories.

I could be wrong but this looks like the same girl in the last photo with the same tastes - just done with a completely different outfit.

Love this whole look! The shapes and cuts.

The long menswear shirt made to look feminine with the skirt and adding some fall influences with knee-high socks.

This girl is vintage goodness and works for Nylon Tokyo!

What can I say.... a great headpiece, the tank, the high-waisted pants and that great striped sweater. Ohhhhmyyyyy!

Seriously, I thought dressing up for work was limiting but this girl proves that you can rock the "office look" in some amazing ways.

This look is just fabulous jutxtaposition!

Photo Credits: Altamira NYC, The Sartorialist by


Emily said...

thats totally the same girl. shes wearing the same sunglasses and has the same smile. i like how shes wearing 2 compleatly differnt outfts on differnt days. fashion is great that way, you can change who you are with the pasing days.

Candid Cool said...

I love the happy positive energy that radiates from the girl in the red.

Anonymous said...

rachel zoe??? but why...

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