Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Instant Outfit: Happy Travels

Society Girls are not just fabulously fashionable - they are go-getters, creative, adventurous women. Society Girls don't just want to take a city by storm.. they want to take the whole country side by storm....and still look darn HOT!

Recently, one of our Society Girls sent me this email:

"I'm going on a backpacking trip for 5 weeks this summer, along with many other adventurers i'm sure, and i would love to know which essentials you would pick to bring with you on such a trip to keep it light, but still look fashionable! "

I myself have grand memories of trekking through numerous countries, surveying new landscapes, and meeting intriguing people.. but on a fashion note.. it can be tricky not look like a street urchin.

Instant Outfit scouts out some ways to "keep it light but still look fashionable".

It centers on the backpack, everything for 5, 6 or 7 weeks must be packed in this very limited space (not the usual 2, 3 and 4 bags..or maybe that is just me). To narrow your choices while packing I suggest a few things: darker colors (so the dirt don't show), juxtaposition of girl and boy (cause your tough but still a girl) and comfort (to keep you walking).

The core essentials: skinny jeans, black bandage skirt (thrown on with the boots you will be ready to hit the night life), a few vintage tees, tanks and plaid shirts, a warm tunic cardigan and full length coat, and finally a pair of comfortable but versitale boots (over the jeans, under the jeans and with the skirt).

The fillers: my philosophy for style in a limiting situation is accessories! Bring along a few funky hats and head wraps to mix it up everyday and toss in a brightly colored scarf to make it all pop. Something stylish but also practical is a belt with a bag attached (yes.. a fanny pack.. but not), this sucker can store your cash and essentials when you've left the backpack behind.

Happy travels and don't forget to spread Society Girl cheer to all you meet!


Murray said...

I remember packing for my (three) week trip through Europe. I had black pants, black skirt, jeans... a sweater, cool boots... all tucked into one manageable black backpack. Unlike a few of the girls I was traveling with. They were not at all happy, it definitely pays to plan a few outfits out ahead of time, and stick to a mix and match wardrobe.

Love the blog! Just discovered it recently, I only wish I had more of a need to dedicate time to my wardrobe.

Sarah said...

I'm a big fan of the instant outfit posts, keep them up! This one in particular made me want to go trekking through Europe with a big back pack and (cool) dreadlocks. Now if only I could get over my slight phobia of hostels, then I might be able to implement your advice when I'm in college.

- said...

Fantastic! I love seeing everyone's take on things and what things they bring along on such trips. I'm a heavy traveler and this was a happy reminder of backpacking days to come. I agree with the mentioned essentials. :-) I'd also add a light dress which you can layer as a skirt, under the coat, on top of the skinnies, and throw on to wear alone to some place religious.

Love the blog - "long time reader, almost-first time poster." This is my number one daily read.

Sally Jane said...

Thanks for the tips. When I pack for trips I'm always torn between being practical and being fashionable. I guess they aren't mutually exclusive after all. :)

The Clothes Horse said...

I would happily travel in that...err I would happily travel in next to anything!

Claudia said...

hey, please tell me your e mail to send you some photos to help me with an instant outfit , please! :)

The Vintage Society said...

My email address is thevintagesociety@gmail.com

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