Friday, March 21, 2008

Miu Miu and Me!

My whole life I have been a bit theatrical. At a young age I would crawl over to a sound speaker, listen to the music till it was in my bones and begin to dance.. at least this is what I have been told.

I went from stage to stage - donning costumes of different characters, plastering fake eyelashes, painting big rosy cheeks and absorbing the spotlight.

Though I no longer take my cue and enter from stage left, I seem to take it with me wherever I go. I am drawn to character-driven style, and it is because of this that I absolutely adore Miu Miu's Spring 2008 collection of ballerina inspired dresses. The flounce, ruffles, bib front collars, painted dolls and fairies.. it was a parade of theatrics.

What was I to do but give my regards to Broadway!

(Photo courtesy: Miu Miu)

(Photos courtesy: Modette Blog)

(Bow - F21, Striped tank - BDG, Collar - costume piece, Dress - vintage, shoes - Payless)


DadySewCool said...

Well, well. You sure fooled me! The colors matched sooo well, I thought that the blouse was made into the jumper! I did not realize that it was separate!
The collar looks like vintage from the '50's Salvation Army, or a military school. The whole look reminds me of a post WWII naval ensemble.
Glad you took my advice about the hosiery, dear. Keep it up.


Anonymous said...
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SKYLA said...

Your blog is really lovely, can't wait to hear more about your shop!
where are the strappy black heels in Desert Rose Look 1 from? I LOVE them (please tell me with a comment on my blog, i know i'll forget to check back for your answer!)
and have fun with this ride you're on =)

AlicePleasance said...

Oh, you look stunning!

Danz said...

Aw you look so adorable! Very cute outfit.

The Clothes Horse said...

I like how colorful your interpretation is.

Meagan Louise said...
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