Friday, February 08, 2008

Calvin Klein - Inside Story

The buzz inside the Calvin Klein tent hummed out onto the streets as we were led through the doors. Making it in with minutes to spare.. the lights went down.. the crowd calmed and the clicking of heels echoed around the room. It was a powerful and strong start and the show that followed was nothing less.

Each piece was structured and well cut. The models, a shadow for the clothes that hung on them. Make-up was minimal and hair pulled back into a severe pony tail.

The show ended the way it began with the heels echoing down the hall. It was perfection!


Anonymous said...

I don't think you styled yourself well in this photo...I have seen you do a much better job..its NYC not Austin,TX

kimi said...

You two look like you are having a blast! I love the outfit choices! The hat. The plaid. Perfect.

NYC Style said...

I previosuly lived in NYC and have to disagree with anonymous with the Austin comment. You both look 150 percent better than most I saw on the city transportation.
Keep up the great styling as well as maintaining The Vintage Society.

Great moments and perspective that you have shared on Fashion Week.

The Vintage Society said...

NYC Style, thanks for the encouragement. Great to hear that you liked our looks. We were being ourselves and that is all that matters. I loved what I wore.. even if others didn't.