Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Recap - The Fabulous New York City

The wind swirled around me as I closed the door to the Empire Diner on 10th/23rd. It was the perfect New York morning, and I realized I was heading home - back to California.

The days spent running from show to show, hopping on and off subways and style-sighting the fashion fabulous were some of the best of my life.

Dressing for these four days was part of the fun...

After our first day of shows we headed out to a local joint. Feeling inspired to clown around I took out my oversized polka-dot bowtie and paired it with a school girl cardigan and derby hat.
(Hat, Shirt, Cardigan, boots and bowtie - Vintage, Grey Jeans - H&M)

For our second day of shows I was inspired by an editorial from Elle Magazine's November 2007 issue. Mixing leopard print, faux fur, an accordian-pleat vintage dress and flat granny boots was my pre and post show look - the difference when attending shows? Patent leather platforms...definitely not shoes you want to wear all day!
(Dress, Jacket, Leopard print dinner Jacket, granny boots and slip - Vintage, Large structured bag - Target)

For a drizzly Saturday I went for the three essentials: Warmth, Comfort and Style. I played with mixed prints in my dark floral jumper and bib-front plaid shirt.
(Jumper and boots - vintage, Plaid bib-front shirt - QUIKSILVER WOMEN, wooly tights - Target)

The last perfect morning in Chelsea was inspired by a recent Instant Outfit. As the Bohemian Pilgrim I packed my over-stuffed bags and headed to the subway. The A train pulled away from the 14th Street station and I knew I would miss the corner bagel shop, the walk-up steps of our little lodge, the chaos of the room as we created each days new look and ... everything about the fabulous New York City!
(Dress, Fur Vest, Moccasins, and necklace - Vintage)


Petti Pie said...

I can honestly say that Manhattan misses you already, too. You are definitely the most fabulous thing to ever stand in the middle of 20th St. (yes, I recognize Eighth Ave behind you - I lived on 21st for many years)

Hurry back!!! We need more people like you here.

The Vintage Society said...

Wow! Thanks Petti Pie! That's one of the best compliments I have ever received.

Stephanie said...

Love all of your outfits esp. the first one. It reminds me of Charlie Chaplin. :-)

iñaki said...

I likes all the looks, but I specially love the first one!
Great smile, btw. It fills your face with light.


Prêt-à-Porter P said...

u put together some stylish unique vintage looks.

Fidget Finds said...

Oh how I miss New York!! When I went to FIT I lived at 7th and 27th for 4 years and loved the Empire Diner. You are showing me that I really need to go back for a visit.

Anonymous said...

Love the last outfit. Gorgeous... very Carrie Bradshaw.

Isa said...

just discovered the society and love it!
you are instantly linked!
darling creations of outfits!

jen said...

im leaving for NYC on friday?
was it peacoat wearing weather?

The Vintage Society said...


I am not sure what the weather is like this week, but it was definitely pea coat weather while I was there. 30's and 40's was the perfect kind of cold. Have fun!

Mer said...

I love your pictures!!!!

punky said...

I love the 3rd outfit!
so cute