Saturday, February 09, 2008

Show Stopping! Part 2

The last hours of Fashion Week were filled with anticipation... the style elite waiting with bated breath for the Marc Jacobs show to finalize the season. Though we were not part of this crowd, our excitement was just as strong seeing the Willow show on Friday afternoon.

Kit Willow's fall line was beautiful! I loved the choice of fabrics and colors - especially the burnt orange that pounded down the runway.

For me the most inspirational part was the hair style. A little 40's pinup girl mixed with a punk rock vibe. I will definitely be taking cue from the Willow stylists on this one.


Iconoclastic said...

Hey! What do you think of the zip details on the last piece? I have been seeing a lot of zips strewn across dresses in the malls and although at first sight, they were eyesores, they are slowly growing on me. What say you?

The Vintage Society said...

They do seem to be popping up a lot. I think never say never... zippers are a fun way to give your look a punk-rock vibe.

Prêt-à-Porter P said...

the last dress, the color, the zippers, the silkness, i like that mix of elegant and edgy