Thursday, February 21, 2008

Society Girl of the Week: Kate Jackson

She was known to be one of three.. but I think she should be known as the ONE!

She was effortless in her day. She had this great tomboy quality, while at the same time pulled it off with such a feminine flair. I love her personal style.. so relevant to now.. with twists that make her unique. Every image provokes ideas... my mind is reeling.

She is our Society Girl of the Week...

Kate Jackson (of Charlie's Angels)

Those jodhpurs.. and boots!

The peacoat, rolled jeans and boots!

Seriously, the boots and rolled jeans.. I love it.

I can't get enough of the high-waisted jeans.

Simple but bright.

The print...

Ok, the entire doesn't work.. but IT DOES!


Eli said...

brunettes are bold and beautiful

ChiliLady (currently pissed of) said...

I love all of these!

Juan said...

I Love Kate Jackson, she is so cool and smart...!!!

Taylor said...

Kate Jackson to the author...Thank you for the kind words. I've found the words aren't always kind, and I do believe "Ask to be noticed, Beg to be judged", but I never realized how really jealous and cruel people sometimes like to be...BUT, you made me feel really good today, and I just wanted to say thanks.

Kate Jackson
Beverly Hills, Ca.