Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekend Recap - Warmth, Comfort and Style

My trip to NYC is just days away and with that in mind I have been busy prepping and preening. There are three basic elements I have been considering: Warmth (this Cali girl isn't used to 30 degree weather), Comfort (walk a mile in platforms.. ) and STYLE (most imperative).

Taking into consideration all three I have been in pursuit of the perfect boots. I have searched high and low - online, specialty shoe shops, favorite cheap shoe stores, my reliable go-to brands (Steve Madden, Aldo) ..... basically everywhere with no luck. I had a certain boot in mind - reminiscent of a combat boot with, dare I say it, "a 90's grunge vibe".

After days and weeks of searching I finally stopped into a local thrift store.. and there were my perfect pair of 90's "My So Called Life" boots.

So before I take them to see the big apple, I thought it would be a good idea to test the three essentials - Warmth, Comfort and Style. Which meant wearing them the entire weekend (seriously, I didn't take them off expect to sleep).

And yes they passed the test.. now on to New York...

(The boots mixed with a little grey and yellow)

(The boots go comfy and casual with my new elephant print tunic and treggings from MNG)

(The boots get inspired by florals for spring and paired with a Quiksilver Women's T-shirt)

(Actually a different pair of black granny boots with a skirt worn as a dress)


Hailey said...

The 2rd pic you look right out of the 90's, like it! And that skirt turns so sexy in the 4th pic, luv it!!

Anonymous said...

I ABBBsolutely love the first outfit. I think I have a thing for yellow and gray..

Lianna said...

I love your looks, but speaking as someone who lives in Toronto, you still might not be warm enough!

The Vintage Society said...


Thanks for the heads up and don't worry I plan on layering with lots of warm thick coats.

punky said...

I love that flower print pretty

Sally Jane said...

Great looks once again! I've been on the prowl for the perfect pair of grungy biker boots but haven't found them yet. It makes me feel a wee bit old the think that grunge is already coming back into style. I worshiped Bridget Fonda a la "Singles" in high school!