Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Make A Bold Statement

I'll admit it, I love BIG hair - quirky hair - dramatic hair ... anything that puts style right on top of your head.

Hair is just another fabulous accessory that we can work with. Throw on a pair of jeans and a vintage t-shirt - you look cute! Add Heidi braids wrapped around your head - you look DARN cute!

This accessory is begging to be used. Be daring... make a bold statement.. create a whole new look.

Here's a little inspiration...

(Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 Photo Courtesy: Style.Com)

( Michael Kors Fall 2008 Photo Courtesy: Style.Com)

(Phillip Lim 3.1 Spring 2008 Photo Courtesy: Style.Com)

(Rebecca Taylor Spring 2008 Photo Courtesy: Style.Com)

(Photo Courtesy: The Sartorialist)


WendyB said...

I just met a designer with giant, wonderful hair. I loved it!

sleepyhead said...

i absolutely adore big hair. i constantly tease my hair and comb it upwards to achieve ginormousness, and yet it's never big enough!

Brittany(akaRubyredlocks) said...

I love big hair and often use it as inspiration when I'm doing an editorial look for shoots. It can never be too big! I'll post 1 of my faves on my blog for you.

Imelda said...

Great post!
I'll go and try different stuff with my hair right now!

iƱaki said...

I love women who dare to make a statement via hairstyle. Those are really good proposals on this post!


Heather Taylor said...

i LOVE these looks.

The Clothes Horse said...

Bigger IS better.