Friday, June 20, 2008

Society Girl's and the Traveling Shirt - Revealed

It has been an adventure and all this hoopla has been building up to one big bang..

Society Girl's and the Traveling Shirt!

It came down to one shirt that traveled near and far, landing in the hands of six amazing Society Girls. Each one received and styled their own signature look using one of my personal favorites from Quiksilver Women's new clothing line.

As it traveled from one girl to the next, I was utterly in awe of what they created. Each one so unique and so unlike the other girls. INSPIRATION AT ITS BEST!!

Before I turn you over to dive into their world and their creations.. I just wanted to add that these women will be showcased this weekend at The Vintage Society Launch Party at SiteLA (for more information, look to the posts below). I would love anyone of you to attend and celebrate Society Girl's around the world.

This Society Girl hails from Chicago, Illinois and successfully runs an incredibly enticing online vintage shop, Liebemarlene Vintage on Ebay.

The traveling shirt arrived at her doorstep and as she put together her signature look she was inspired by the idea of mixing graphic prints with romanticism, “I was inspired by Gilbert Adrian's 1930s Victorian costumes!”

Rhiannon’s personal style is “heavily influenced by books, old movies and anything pretty. I wear mostly vintage--mainly dresses--and I'm over-dressed for every occasion, but I think I secretly try to be.”

In her own words, “A Society Girl is an Individual, a Risk-taker, and Nostalgic”

This Society Girl hails from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and has the interesting task of spending her days working on Historic Preservation and Restoration of Historic Finishes

The traveling shirt popped up in her mailbox after visiting Rhiannon and immediately she thought of pairing it with a jumper she’d bought at a local thrift store. “I shortened the jumper because it reminded me of the Mooka Kinney Spring ‘08 Collection, and the addition of the vintage scarf tied in a bow with the vintage glasses on the chain were inspired by the geeky, yet lady-like elements in the Luella Spring/Summer ‘08 Collection.”

Sarah’s personal style is, “Ever-changing, but never without vintage elements.”

In her own words, “A Society Girl is Quirky, Innovative, and Notable”


Jennifer, 32

This Society Girl hails from the good ‘ole Southern state of Alabama and runs a “make-me-want-to-buy everything” online vintage shop, Sally Jane Vintage on Ebay.

The traveling shirt made it’s way through the mail after visiting Sarah and she created an outfit based on, “Her current obsession with super high waists and scarves. I also love classic military inspired styles and the nautical stripes on the shirt were perfect to play off of.”

Jennifer’s personal style is, “Constantly evolving and based entirely on my mood. I love mixing vintage with new pieces. I'm currently loving super high waist, vintage dresses, high heeled boots and scarves.”

In her own words, “A Society Girl is Creative, Independent, and Free-spirited.”


Siri, 23

This Society Girl hails from Brooklyn, New York by way of Santa Cruz, California by way of the Pacific Northwest and is currently a film student.

The traveling shirt plopped down in New York after visiting Jennifer and immediately she knew it needed some “Siri-ness” when creating a look. “I think what this look really comes down to is the fact that, at heart, I'm just a born and bread, flower-loving hippie. This shirt is so classic and simple, which I love, but I also wanted to add some wackiness!”

Siri’s personal style is, “Nostalgic, eclectic, and cheap.”

In her own words, “A Society Girl is Independent, Intelligent and Fun-to-be-around.”


Francesca, 21

This Society Girl hails from Boston, Massachusetts and is currently in transition between jobs, but hopes to go back to school and study Fashion Merchandising.

The traveling shirt jumped states after visiting Siri and being a bit nostalgic she created a look inspired by, “Sailor wives and shipyards.”

Francesca’s personal style is “Girlish and nostalgic.”

In her own words, “A Society Girl is Distinctive, Captivating, Timeless.”


Riikka, 21

This Society Girl hails from Helsinki, Finland and has her nose stuck in the books studying journalism.

The traveling shirt crossed the great ocean after visiting Francesca and being a fellow fashion blogger, she drew inspiration from Swedish Street style blogs while creating her look. “I love the way girls in Sweden pair loose shirts with tight little high-waisted skirts.”

Rikka’s personal style is “Vintage inspired and feminine. I like to play with my style and try out different (and sometimes over the top) combinations.”

In her own words, “ A Society Girl is Independent, Playful, Chic.”


Anonymous said...

loved this post, great idea :)

sarah/sherbet tone said...

So very pleased to be a part of this! And even more sorry I cannot be there for the big bash!

Sally Jane said...

Yay! This all came together so nicely. Wishing I could be there this weekend. Good luck with everything!

Persephone said...

Beautiful! I think my favorite is Rhiannon.

Marianne said...

What a great idea. Really inspiring!

I think the girl from finland is called 'Riikka' and not 'Rikka' though. :)

Kristina Marie said...

this is such a great idea!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

YES! So stoked for you, on this, etc. Have a fantastic launch, wish I could be there in body not just in photo :n )

Elana said...

this is so amazing and inspiring!

Anonymous said...

i am SO impressed!!
i got a little giddy seeing so many of my favorite fashionable ladies in the same post. i think i'm going to go do a couple of cartwheels now.
congrats to ALL involved!!

Poster Girl said...

How fun and exciting! All of the ladies are so unique and stylish, I like how each one styled the shirt in creative way.

Cammila said...

So inspirational! A truly wonderful group.

casey said...

such a great idea! I love each and every look.

The Clothes Horse said...

I love each of their takes on the shirt and this reminds me that I need a striped shirt.

Rhiannon said...

Oooh, I love your video!!! Hope you have lots of fun at the party, and thanks again for including me! All the girls look wonderful!

L. said...

Amazing concept, really, really, fantastically done! I couldn't think of more perfect Society Girls.

Hailey @ said...

Okay this is like the most awesome idea ever! So glad it all came together beautifully, everyone styled it so differently, so delightful.

Leah said...

Wow, this is amazing! The idea is wonderful and it turned out beautifully. I love all the looks because they're all so different, but in a good way.

Violetwired said...

such a great idea and lovely to see a few of my fave fashionistas putting their spin on a cool item!

belle.chantelle said...

WHAT A FANTASTIC IDEA! I adore each look they created, and their individuality is quite inspiring. Great work girl!

Anne-So said...

This is brilliant ! And pictures are all amazing, each girl with her proper style (with personnaly, a soft spot for Rikka). Hope there will be other editions !

Hyperchondriac said...

oh wow. that's awesome.

Lydia said...

all of these girls exude style, class and creativity, exactly what a Society Girl should be.
Not only did they make amazing outfits, the shirt itself is too adorable for words.

I love this.

Anonymous said...

it's actually Riikka, not Rikka.

sometimes happiness said...

i love all the styles so much!!

Anonymous said...

this is an amazing idea, a lovely twist on the traditional chain letter phenomenon. it would be fantastic to see this as a more regular thing, i'd love to see somebody begin a blog in the name of doing so. i know that i, myself, would jump at the chance to be involved in such an event, as i can imagine would many other girls reading this blog post!
the girls all look enviably delightful, a true inspiration!

pearl said...

Such an amazing idea! Everyone styled it so nicely.

The Vintage Society said...

The girls are all now linked up and you can find loads of other photos of their amazing style!

Hyperchondriac said...

oh wow. that is so much fun! wish i could have joined in!

laia. said...

oh this was so awesome!

Anonymous said...

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