Monday, June 16, 2008

Florals that Float

The display of the Floral Bubble Skirt bought weeks ago, but until this point hadn't pranced around yet.

Pairing the skirt with with just the right combination has for some reason been tougher than expected. I kept thinking of great fall ideas for the skirt - mixing with tights, leather jackets, cardigans.. and on and on.

Finally, I broke down and decided this bubble needed to float, so I paired it with a 80's leotard and cinched the waist with a rope and gold buckle belt. Let's not forget to mention the next item off the "Summer Hit List" - my new Steve Madden Sandals!

After breaking it in... I think I am ready to give this skirt the Summer treatment.

Bubble Skirt

(Floral Bubble Skirt - Forever21, Leotard and Belt - thrifted, Shoes - Steve Madden)


Tricia said...

wow, beth, you look great! so tan and beautiful! loving the dark blue leotard with the bright skirt. fabulous!

Mimi said...

That skirt had jumped out at me on the Forever21 website too...glad to see someone looking so good in it (you!) :)

Anonymous said...

Of the four pictures you posted today, this one is my favorite (though I feel partial to that printed dress too). It is a very flattering outfit on you.

Lydia said...

pretty much perfect.
I love the colors, and your hair is really cute :D

Pretty Girl said...

You look really gorgeous.

Chelsea's Girl said...

Your hair is absolutely ADORABLE! Outfit looks amazinG!

Poster Girl said...

Absolutely fabulous, the skirt really stands out.