Friday, April 13, 2007


At 12:00 pm today, I headed out to an advertised Estate Sale that I had seen in the Penny Saver. I was anticipating some great finds because they listed "vintage clothing". Well, I showed up right on time to a old home in a run down neighborhoodd. There was a line already formed of eager Estate Sale Veterns. If you have gone to Estate Sales, you know how it works. They line people up and then let in groups a time to keep the home from getting too over crowded. This always makes me nervous because I am thinking " There are people inside taking my clothes."

Finally, I was let in.. my heart started racing as I rounded the corner and there in the backyard was racks and racks, and piles, and boxes of vintage clothing!!!!!!!!!!!! From every era. This woman had saved every peice of clothing she had ever owned and she had great taste in clothes.

I literally began shaking (you know kinda like when you have had too much coffee) and racing around piling clothes on top of clothes. I wasn't able to take everything I wanted but I walked out of there as if I was a pirate who discovered his treasure.

So Society members, I just scored some amazing merchandise for the store. You will die! I cannot wait till you can come try them on and walk out with some beautiful items. I have faith in each one of you that you will ROCK each item and hold your "Society Status" high.

I know I have intrigued all of you, so I will post some of the beauties later on this afternoon. Stay tuned to get a sneak peak of what will be featured at "The Vintage Society".

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