Monday, April 16, 2007

Work Week Challenge

So here's the story. As you know I will be opening "The Vintage Society" Spring 2008, and in the mean time I am getting everything ready ecspecially on the financial side.

During this time I have taken a job at a very "corporate america" company which is almost comical to me, but you do what you have to. So in this "corporate american" office I am supposed to dress professional, and I find myself bored most of the week with what I have on. All the energy that I feel during the weeknights and weekends is gone and I have resorted to those Ann Taylor pants and blouse. Not that there is anything wrong with Ann Taylor and some in the office may say that I am fashionable, but compared to my usual sense of style - IT IS BORING!

So I am here to challenge myself! Even though "The Vintage Society" is not yet open, it does not mean that I am going to limit my creativity to my "off work" hours.

This week I will be putting together some creative, fun work clothes. And yes, I just may have to work those Ann Taylor pants with something snappy - so here goes!

Monday's Outfit consists of cream cardigan from Urban Outfitters, a white camisole from Urban, paper bag waisted pants from H&M and cream canvas wedges from Target.

If there are other creative minds out there stuck in the temporary (let's cross our fingers) corporate job, and you feel you are stuck in the same fashion crisis that I have been experiencing I pass on this challenge to you as well.

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