Monday, April 30, 2007

The Frosting Side of Fashion

I don’t know if it was watching Marie Antoinette with all is frills and fuss, cupcakes and pink pretties, but lately I have found myself attracted to the frosting side of fashion. Things that are ruffled, girly, and feminine.

We all want to be women who are strong, adventurous and goal oriented, but sometimes we just need to open the closet doors and pull out the "girl" inside of us.

And what better inspiration for that girl, than Erin Fetherston’s Spring Collection.


Gala said...

I have so much time for Erin Fetherston. Jovovich-Hawk, too. I like your blog!

Sara said...

As long as women insist on dressing like little girls, I keep finding it increasingly difficult to be a feminist.