Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Feeling so High!

So yes, this trend is getting a lot of coverage but I thought I would just add to that. I love the high-waisted trend, being one of the curvy girls, high waisted couldn't be more perfect. Flattering all the right areas!

I have been on the hunt for the perfect high-waisted jeans, but have yet to find any. Does anyone have suggestions?

Here are some girls who are rocking the high-waisted look. (Courtesy of of the Facehunter and Melbourne Runway)

I love the way she made "mom jeans" so not "mom jeans". A great idea for the ones of us who love thrifting, head over to your local thrift store - hunt down a pair of tight high-waisted jeans (probably not too hard to find) and make them into a great pair of cut-offs for the summer!

I love the simplicity of this outfit. She is working the waist with a simple tucked in t-shirt, but the scarf and bag make it so much more interesting.

Love the bubble skirt with the paperbag waist.

I love the detailing in this outfit. The ruffles on the shirt and the buttons on the waist. So perfect!

For all the corporate slaves out there, this is a great office look. The high-waisted pants with the blouse and scarf (and please don't forget the white ray-bans) make this such a punky work outfit.


Ringo, have a banana! said...

Yes! I just found a pretty sweet pair of old 501's a Salvation Army, and will soon commence into hacking them into high wasted wonder-shorts :)

Karen said...

Hey, I just checked out your wardrobe remix set on flickr, and I absolutely love your style! Wonderful. I would totally shop at your future store, if I lived close enough. :) Also, on the high-waisted jeans front, there are a couple sweet pairs by odyn you might check out. Not vintage, but lovely.