Wednesday, April 11, 2007


This week our featured "Society Girl" is Kelly Wearstler!“Top Design” series judge Kelly Wearstler ranks among the design industry's most influential new tastemakers. Acclaimed for trendsetting designs, Kelly is the founder and principal of the award-winning Los Angeles-based firm Kelly Wearstler Interior Design.

When I began tuning into Bravo's "Top Design", I orginally was interested to see what the interior designers came up with for each challenge. During the first episode I found myself facinated when the introduced a premier designer and judge, Kelly Wearstler! Her style is so confident and she definetly has a high-end taste, but the way she mixes each outfit is so out of the box. It is not just the clothes she wears, but the way she puts the entire look together - shoes, socks, dress, shirt, and can we just say "THE HAIR". She rocks the 80's crimp like I have never seen before. Sorry designers, I loved seeing your work... but what always drew my back to each week's episodes was seeing Kelly work her design magic.

So take inspiration from our "Society Girl", Kelly Wearstler!


tricia said...

i haven't been watching the show as often as others may have...but she has sass! i like her irreverent sartorial combinations. so, in other words, agreed all the way. :D

Candid Cool said...

She's got some style. The 1st time I caught sight of her was in an issue of Western Interiors Magazine (or something to that effect) which happened to be on my kitchen table. Cool girl, and cool decorator too.