Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cool is When Vintage Meets Modern

So for many of you this will not be exciting... but H&M finally opened here in Orange County, CA. I often don't find myself in regular "mall" stores but it is great to know that I have the option of heading to H&M on a quick shopping excursion rather than waiting for trips to New York or San Francisco.

Something that caught my eye as I shuffled and maneuvered through the jam packed "newly-opened" store was the fact that all the employees were wearing a "uniform". The H&M "uniform" consisted of a black t-shirt with some kind of Grand Opening theme and jeans. How many of us, if we love styling, really want to wear a basic (gym class - remember those?) t-shirt and jeans? Not many. But then I spotted this snazzy girl.

I love how she took something so simple as a black t-shirt and jeans and made them so interesting. The vintage Lacoste cardigan, scarf and penny loafers really made her a "VINTAGE SOCIETY" inspiration.

Thanks, Alisha (pictured above) - hope to see you in my store soon.

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