Thursday, April 19, 2007


I am sure many of you, like me, spend a few hours a week perusing the wonderful world of ebay. The vintage sellers on ebay are incredible! I dabbled in selling for a time, but found myself more drawn to the idea of opening my own store where I could offer great vintage clothing, have personal contact with my clients, and create an atmosphere of inspiration.

During my many hours of searching, I stumbled across The Olive Shoppe. Not only does The Olive Shoppe offer amazing clothes, its owner is a very talented Stylist with a capital "S"! The way she puts together every outfit is amazing. She doesn't just put on a vintage dress and sell it as is, she shows the client a way to add sass to your style.

(I am crossing my fingers to have her speak as a stylist at one of the many "Society Events" hosted in the store.)

She has inspired me as I am sure she will inspire you.

Check out our Society Girl of the Week! (and don't forget to check out her store)