Monday, April 02, 2007

Inspiration Board

It began in high school as my love for fashion developed, I started cutting up magazines and making books full of inspiration. This grew until later in life I created a whole bullentin board of inspiration in my apartment.

I know many of you out there also participate in inventing a world of inspiration for your home, art, and fashion styling. The lucky ones are those involved in the fashion industry whose entire office walls are covered in inspiration.

"The Vintage Society" will feature many inspiration boards to create the opportunity to see outside of your own ideas and look to the world for more. I am planning on also having event nights that will involve creating your own inspiration boards that will be hung and featured inside the store. As girls who love fashion we will mix our ideas together to bring about a whole unique look.

So if you aren't creating inspiration boards, I encourage you to start. Pull out those old magazines that you have stashed under your bed or clogging up your book shelves and begin to inspire yourself to new things.

Images courtesy of LebonbonmulitcoloreWardrobe_Remix, additional images from google images

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bitsandbobbins said...

heh, i can totally relate!

i actually wrote a post about this sort of thing ages ago:

i find making such boards really helps me focus when creating anything, style, a specific collection, art, whatever.