Tuesday, October 16, 2007


INSTANT OUTFIT is a new weekly story featured on THE VINTAGE SOCIETY. The idea is to take a trend of the season and come up with an instant idea (or two) to inspire some of your own thoughts.

Fall is the season of holidays : Parties, Family Time, Dinner Dates, and more wonderful reasons to dress up. What better way to dress up the season than highlighting your beautiful self in some JEWEL TONES. You will look like royalty when you step into the Fall Harvest Dinner Party. The glow of the fire will surely make you sparkle!

INSTANT OUTFIT: Jewel Tones - featuring two ways to glitter.


Sara said...

My friend wore that purple dress w/the jewels to a wedding she just went to!

Kat said...

Gorgeous, great post. Where is the Crazy necklace from?

The Vintage Society said...

The Crazy necklace is a bowtie from bowtieclub.com and the jewel necklace from the conservative outfit is from lulusfashionlounge.com

Imelda said...

Great post! I just love your blog and your style!
Your blog inspired me to make my own blog and of course your blog is in my list of favourite blogs. Hope you'll check it out someday!


lacy said...

Where is that fabulous green jacket from?! :)