Monday, October 15, 2007

Matte is our Friend

I feel as if I am back from the dead. I have risen off my couch and away from the television, and I am in the land of the living again. Ready to focus on fashion, inspiration and getting back to the fall season!

One thing I was able to do while lying in a comotose state over the last few days was catch up on all my magazine reading, and one bit of information stuck out as important to share with all Society Girls out there.

Lucky Magazine had a great little blurb on "The Perfect Opaque Tights", and seeing that fall is kicking into gear and the cool weather seems to be sticking around, I thought this was news I had to share.

Tights are the best fall essential in my opinion. They keep you warm, hide those dry white-as-a-ghost legs, and can add a level of interest to any outfit.

The first reccomendation is a bit pricer but seem to have a fun little perk. They are the Reversible Tight Ends from SPANX and $32 will buy you a slimmer figure and two shades to choose from - black reverses to brown, navy or grey!

The other option is much more budget friendly ($10) and can be found at NORDSTROM(Opaque Control Top Tights). They swear to have a matte color with absolutely no sheen, and no sheen means better photos when the flash goes off at your holiday party.

I am out to give it a try. Wish me luck!


Mariana said...

i cant wait to get me some in black and burgundy, i hadnt had the time or the money, and it hasnt been to cold in Mexico so ill get them as soon as i can!!

Poster Girl said...

Reversible tights - what a great idea!

casey said...

Thanks for the tip! My favorite pair of opaque tights came from Express of all places last winter. I also found that buying a size larger than you normally would for nylons also helps avoid the "sheen" show-through that comes from the material stretching.

Can't wait to hear if they really are "opaque"! :)

Jessica Joan said...

My best rec is the 80 denier (super thick) tights from We Love Colors. They're $12.50 and I've bought 6 pairs. I love them and they have crazy fun colors.