Friday, October 26, 2007

Toe Shoes and Tutus

Today is the day... today is the day we host my favorite party of the year. It is the ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARTY. This is the biggest party of the year and people show up looking AMAZING! Now this is no pansy Halloween Party where people are semi-dressed up, this is old school dress-up style, reminiscent of your childhood Halloweens when you would plan your costume all year.

So this year, I am acting out my own chilhood fantasy... to be a graceful ballerina in the spotlight on my toe shoes prancing across stage. Ok, so there won't be any spotlights or stages, but there will definitely be toeshoes and tutus...

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Puebla Chic said...

i havent figured it out what to wear this next wendsday, im worry theres going to be a huge party and i have no idea what to make for my self!! love ur idea!