Monday, July 16, 2007


I am back! Wow! I have missed you all. I am sorry that my absence has been so long. Thanks for all the comments and emails during my vacation, it was great to know that you all missed being inspired just as much as I did.

Well, the vacation was FABULOUS! About ten days ago, my husband and I loaded up four PACKED suitcases and headed off on a jet plane to South Carolina. I thought to recap some of my experiences I would let you in on a few of my outfits designed to be wearable and cool enough for the hot, humid summer in the south.

The first decision, of course, was "what to wear on the plane". In my view, this is the most important outfit. It has to be comfortable, stylish and it makes a statement when you get off the plane and greet your family or friends waiting with open arms. (I don't know maybe its all the movies I have watched, but travelling is such a dramatic, romantic experience). So.. to set the tone and still be able to scrunch into those oh-so-not comfortable chairs I chose this outfit.

My black vintage jumper (that is actually Nike, so it is definetly meant to be comfortable), a slinky cami from urban outfitters, my new favorite black ankle wrap flats, and my silver pearl drop necklace. It was perfect for the long journey and easily transitioned to the boat to watch the July 4th fireworks!

I love this photo cause it captures the beauty of the southern summer. Mossy trees with a hazy sunsetting in the background. To keep cool one evening for dinner, I sported a nautical themed outfit - vintage striped tshirt, vintage skirt, belt, and silver flats from urban outfitters that I have recently resurfaced after ignoring them for a year.

Oh... another Mu Mu Redu for my collection. The mu mu was perfect for a boat ride over to a sea side restaurant. It was a big hit, which was fun since I hope to sell many of these in "The Vintage Society".

My "Floral Affair" dress! After a few days in South Carolina, my hubby and I headed out on a road trip of the south. One of our stops was Birmingham, Alabama where I went to the university for a few years. This dress took us out to the first place I tried Sushi, of course, now I am hooked. The dress is vintage and I shortened it to make it a "hot little number".

The HOT PINK Madness, and I'm loving these skinny jeans bought at yet another "cheap strip mall" store (TOQUEX). We hit up another one of my old favorites in Birmingham in quaint little dowtown.

After leaving Birmingham, we headed into Atlanta, Georgia to visit a BFF who I haven't seen in two years. Oh what fun to giggle like little girls.. oh and hang out with our hubbies.

Our final destination was Savannah, Georgia. We stayed here two years ago to the day in the same inn on our honeymoon. We loved remincing those days and had many stolen kisses during the day. One fun moment was a gift of a shopping spree from my sweetie - so of course we hit up American Apparel and MARC JACOBS!!! This outfit was from that fun spree the day before.

That wraps up a few of my favorites from our carefree ten days away. I will be letting you in on other parts of our journey the rest of this week.

It good to be back. The society girls were greatly missed!


Tammee said...

I have been following your blog for a while, ever since venturing over from bitsandbobbins, and I really DID miss your updates.

But you made up for it with this wonderful post. I couldn't wait to see your outfits, and I definitely think I have a new favorite blog! I liked all your outfits, especially your plane one (love the creative simplicity), mu mu(which I may be able to get when your place opens since I'm in CA! - I love the neckline), and pink skinny jeans(great find!). I realize I listed just about all your outfits, but I'm inspired by the way you put together such elegant but effortless looks.

chandra said...

pretty much every outfit is perfect! you planned so well. i have a new love for jumpers/rompers so i really like that nike one.

Anonymous said...

i love these outfits and it sounds like a fun time, but i missed your updates as well. glad you're back! (:


Candid Cool said...

and you look fabulous through it all!

LML said...

you went to such great cities! and always dressed cute while there :)

Punky said...

what fab outfits!!

Sydneys Vintage Clothing said...

Next time you visit Bama, come on down to the Mobile area and fill up yoour suitcase with vintage! Love what you found!