Monday, July 30, 2007

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

As mentioned earlier on, I love my styling bow and accessorizing outfits with details such as bows, suspenders, hats, etc. There is something so playful about a bow tie in a brightly colored pattern that makes me smile.

Searching for inspiration along these lines, I came across an unlikely source... Alice and Wonderland's Mad Hatter Tea Party. A smorgasbord of bow ties, top hats and suspenders.

Then apon further research I found the fall 2007 line from Phillip Lim! Mad Hatter heaven.

Time to send out the search party in hopes of finding one lovely top hat or bright red bow tie.


maristolan said...

oh dear this is soooo amazing. would wear every outfit. Love the bright red bow with the neutral outfit. check the bows on my blog. i def have a thing for them now aswell! lovelovelove


L. said...

I really love the juxtaposition of colour. I always wish I could wear something like that but everytime my outfit is all loose and 'deconstructed-y' I feel I don't look enough like a girl...

alicewonderland said...

I love the Mad Hatter fashion. Where's the Alice fashion? And where's the waistcoat pocket watch?