Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What a Difference an Outfit Makes!

Now you may be singing "What a Diffence a Day Makes" in your mind over and over, and I apologize for that... but for me it is "What a Difference an Outfit Makes". What I mean is this...

I return from ten days of bliss, carefree living with no worries in the world except what to wear on each new adventure during vacation. Now back to reality - and that means waking up, heading into my 9 to 5 and doing menial tasks like unpacking and cleaning up the house.

So on that first morning back I drag myself out of bed, barely do my hair and take no time deciding what to wear. The day drags on as I simmer over the fact that I have put together the most BORING outfit... pinstipe pants and a green short sleeve sweater. There is no creativity or style and it causes the day to be less than perfect.

Faced with determination not to make the same mistake twice I peiced together a casual, cool work esemble that would brighten my day, and it did.

Like I said... "what a difference an outfit makes"... well at least in my book.


Cris said...

I completely agree with you! Although I have to admit it happens to me a little more often...Feeling good it what you wear can make or break an average day. You looked great by the way - I missed seeing your cute outfits when you were away - hope you had a lovely time! C x

Anonymous said...

hello! i just stumbled upon your blog, and you are so cute! i love your outfits and commentary--so positive and sweet! i am from atlanta, ga...if i'd have seen you on the street while you were here, i would've said hello, haha. keep up the good work!! :)


c.lorraine said...

Yay! Glad you're back! Yay!!