Monday, July 02, 2007

Lessons from Carrie Bradshaw: Travel

Well, it is summer and time for me to hit the road and the sky for my summer vaccation with my hubby!! I can't wait. There is nothing better than anticipating time away from the familiar and taking off into the beauty and relaxation that lies ahead.

We will be travelling to my hometown in South Carolina, where days will be filled with sunshine, the wind in our face on the boat (ohhh... so.. sweet), and good southern cookin. Then we are off for a little road trip to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. This will entail a trek through the southern states - South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama.

Of course, on the forefront of my mind is "WHAT TO WEAR?" and packing for 10 days of travel is a huge undertaking - ecspecially for me who likes to change my outfit at least two times a day.

To gain some guidance and direction, I turn once again to Carrie Bradshaw as she takes off to ...


Los Angeles!

The Country

and The Hamptons

What I love about each look is that she didn't let travelling dissuade her for always being FABULOUS! I will keep this in mind as I head into the other room to begin the packing proccess.. wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

love love love carrie's hampton look.

Candid Cool said...

These pictures brought back memories of those episodes. The LA one and the sad little fake Fendis. Love the Paris look.