Saturday, July 21, 2007

Society Challenge : Kmart

Kmart...mmmm...well what can I say. To be honest, I am not a big fan. This is supposed to be a challenge and Sara and I both felt that it wasn't fair to always pick stores that we love. So, we chose Kmart.

Now, some of you may have hidden treasures that you find at Kmart, and we did find that Kmart actually had some amazingly fun shoes, but it's just not our first choice to shop.

Anyway, back to the purpose of our excursion - putting together an outfit using one of the same item. (I forgot to take a photo of the item, but it was a green and white striped collared rubgy-style shirt)

After searching around the store (using any clothing department - boys, girls, women, etc.) we headed to the dressing room with our stacks. Sara seemed to have a plan.. I on the other hand was at a loss. Sara finished her changes in minutes and I scrambled (maybe my creative juices weren't flowing) - finally, the moment of truth came...

and Sara rocked it! She worked the little boys department. Pairing the striped shirt with little boy jeans shorts (rolled), a little boys camo tshirt (knotted with a rubberband) layered it over the top, and of course the fabulous boots.

My combination seemed to be a little reminicent of the "Pink Ladies" from Grease. Without much layering I high waisted the pants, flipped my belt backwards to use the grey tones, and tucked in the top - Summer Lovin!

With the challenge over we headed out for some girl chatter over greasy mexican food.

Another successful Society Challenge. I would love your suggestions for next month's challenge - so send in your selections and we will choose one for August.


Candid Cool said...

I really dig your friend's style.

You both are extraordinary stylists.

laura said...

i love your challenges, it's super interesting! (: you both have such great style.

LML said...

both look amazing!
maybe for future challenges u can do: walmart, sears, the dollar store...

Anonymous said...

Love the challenges. I think that Old Navy would be an interesting place to go for next month's challenge. You would both have a lot to choose from.

cuppycakegumdrops said...

your kmart challenge was very interesting - great looks even though i am unable to fit into boys clothes which made me very jealous of the camo and shorts combo. costco would be a great challenge too! also perhaps a import store like pearl river mart?

melissa laine said...

love love love your blog and style!
i wrote a little blurb about you on my blog!
you're so inspiring!

la petite fashionista said...

you two worked wonder with kmart finds! only someone with true style would be capable of that

Diane said...

I'm really glad that you did this! This was exactly my thought after your last challenge! [Walmart or Kmart!] I think you pulled it off well! [I like yours better of the two!]


Top Fashion said...

Those people have some unique sense of style!