Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Loot!

You can't go on vacation without bring back some loot!

I have a thing for hats, always have... and probably always will. A hat can make an outfit POP. Every stage of my life I think I have sported many different types of hats (remember the "Blossom" hat, or the days of the mesh trucker hat, or the Page Boy cap.. I have loved them all).

So while perusing an antique store in Decateur, Georgia I stumbled upon a plethora of vintage men's hats. I tried on every hat in my reach - until I came to this one. I LOVED IT!

It kinda reminds me of Tom Cruise's character in "Far and Away".

Well, that's just the beginning of my loot brought back in my overpacked suitcase. I will be filling you in on more later... let's just say I found some amazing inventory for "The Vintage Society". I can't wait to give you a preview.


LML said...

oh i love vintage hats!
i was in this vintage shop 2 little 5 points in atlanta, just trying on hat after hat - i felt like "i love lucy" - you're right:they do make an outfir pop!

Priscilla~ said...

You are by far THEE Carrie Bradshaw of the West Coast! You look awesome in anything my dear! Love ur Hat...

casey said...

love the hat!! i've never been much of a hat gal myself, but lately i've been wondering if i should add a few to my wardrobe. i spotted an amazing vintage felt hat earlier this summer--it was very "annie hall" and looked super-duper cute on me. but i passed it up and when i went back to look for it, it had been purchased by someone else! *sigh* can't wait to see the rest of your vintage goodies!! :D

cuppycakegumdrops said...

hats, hats, hats! i heart them also, specifically vintage men's hats. i too recently found a men's straw hat, mine is white with a navy blue sash - which apparently has provided my husband with a neverending stream of truman capote and cool hand luke material for teasing me - i love itand wear it on the regs. i also found a chartruese and a mexican straw in the same style. hooray! it's nice to connect with fellow hat lovers!