Thursday, July 05, 2007


I am in a sauna. That's right, I am here in the good ole south experiencing the wonderful humidity. But oh how fabulous it is to hear the crickets at night, feel the balmy wind on my face and see the stars clear as a bell when I look up into the night sky. THE SOUTH!!!!

Being here has inspired me to pick a classic Society Girl of the Week, one that represents and embodies the true southern spirit. Now, I wouldn't say her style should be replicated for this day and age - more like it should be a catalyst for current style.

This woman knew how to be creative in the hard times when she had nothing but old curtains hanging in her shabby war torn mansion. She was a true DIY kind of girl, even the tough times wouldn't stop her for turning out a beautiful masterpiece.
Let's all take inspiration from this week's society girl, Scarlett O'Hara!


la petite fashionista said...

randomly found your blog & i've been reading thru the posts. love the blog & style! i'm such a southern girl at heart. have an amazing trip!


kirstin said...

Oh god, I *hate* her. I just wanted to smack her the whole time I was watching the movie (which I didn't care for, either).

rebecca said...

Isn´t she wonderful! I love her big dresses and her wild moodswings.

I love, love your blog aswell, I found it yesterday and are half-way through the archives. give me more!!!!

LML said...

im in love with your blog! scarlett is lovely!
and welcome to the south! (too bad u had to come here at the hottest time lol)

Jessica Joan said...

TVS-- Come back! We miss you in blogland.

beth said...

come back!
and oh:
you've been tagged!
spill your guts with 8 different facts about YOU and then tag 8 other unsuspecting bloggers!
i just did it, fun fun!

Melissa Laine said...

I absolutely love your blog! You are so talented and inspiring. Every outfit you create is stunning and I adore reading your about your adventures!

Thanks for sharing all your amazing photos and words!