Thursday, July 19, 2007


I am really excited about The Society Girl of the Week. I have never really thought of her as someone to be an inspiration in fashion, but while doing some research I fell in love with her unique and individual style.

She was the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic, and proved that women of her time could do more than look pretty and gossip over tea. She was a true tom-boy but without a lack of fashion.

Her style really appeals to the menswear inpired lines popping up everywhere. She sported leather jackets, high-waisted slim fit pants, and a boyish haircut (that makes me want to pull the scissors out..mmm... well not yet).

This week we can be inspired by her life, indedpendence and of course... the style of AMELIA EARHART!

This look is my absolute favorite - the coat, the neck tie... and let's not forget those amazing boots.


ms. spinach said...

she's fabulous! wow, who knew? (well, besides you...)

Kat said...

Perfect, her style is exactly the look I try for... and she's gorgeous & smart too. Good choice!

casey said...

great pick for society girl of the week! I've always thought she managed to balance practicality and still look feminine in what she wore. but then again, I absolutely adore those old aviator styles... lol.

Candid Cool said...

is that her with cary grant?

Lynne said...

I'm glad you chose Amelia, she wore some of the best chic outfits! I hope to find a jacket just like the bottom pic someday. I pass through Amelia's home town of Atchison, KS regularly, her childhood home is open to tour and a bridge is named for her. FYI! :)

Maven said...

This is weird--just last week I was talking with a friend about how we need to bring the aviatrix/Amelia Earhart look back.