Monday, August 20, 2007

The Freedom!

My weekly weekend recap. I always have more to share over the weekend because my work days are often filled with 9 to 5. workout, clean house, laundry, cook dinner, etc. My weekends are where freedom reigns. Freedom to sleep in, freedom to go anywhere and do anything and of course freedom to create fun carefree outfits.

My hubby and I have really been using the summer days to their full potential. Many have been spent at the beach eating at a great restaurant or laying on the sand. Something about being by the ocean....hmmmm... it is just so GREAT! We took in the wonderful ocean on Friday at one of our favorite pier restaurants.

I scored these great vintage shorts at an Estate Sale that morning and paired it with my Johnny Cash T-shirt (Urban Outfitters), a thrifted belt, and feeling the Carrie Bradshaw vibe - threw them on with some strappy high heels.

My Saturday started out on a low note (the DENTIST) and ended on a high note (a beautiful dinner cruise around Balboa Bay with friends). I tried something new with the hair and my dentist made the comment, "Um... you look really different today!".

To be comfy in the dentist chair I threw on my jean shorts, camisole (urban outfitters) and a sports-like jacket (estate sale - I have no idea what the letters stand for on the jacket, but it was darn cute).

Keeping the same hair style for the dinner cruise I dressed it up with this purple dress (estate sale) but wanted to dress it down with the angle strapped white heels (thrifted) and white tennis belt (thrifted).

Sunday I tried the side pony tail - whew! 80's here we come, but I loved it with the sweet little flower.

The purple dress, patent leather belt and heels were all thrifted.


laura said...

i like what you did with your hair. (: supercute!

Anonymous said...

Love the purple dress. Just saw a picture of actress Diane Kruger in a simalar dress. Great find!